Top 5 Films about Love Set in Vienna

Vienna is a city to which they can succumb from the very first hours of staying here. Narrow, old streets filled with the atmosphere of past-centuries Europe, cozy cafes, incredibly delicious desserts, and the most interesting museums – all this is Vienna which annually attracts thousands of tourists.

Vienna is a city to which you want to return again and again. It contains many secrets that you want to reveal. There is an incredible amount of interesting places with its history. Having been here once, you will want to repeat the trip in order to take a break from the problems and let a little romance into your life.

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Now we are going to share with you what films with a romantic set were shot in Vienna.

(1) Before sunrise (1995)

Celine and Jessie happened to be on the same train. It is easy and pleasant to talk to people who do not know you at all because they do not evaluate the words and do not look for explanations for the thoughts that come to the mind of the interlocutor. You can tell the truth or invent all sorts of stories without fear to be accused in lies. It turned out that fellow travelers have a lot in common. Both are young, love to travel, and have similar interests. The only danger of such meetings is that at times they cause a desire to stretch them for life.

(2) The Piano Teacher (2001)

Forty-year-old Erica Kohut is a teacher at the Vienna Conservatory. This is a prestigious educational institution in which they want to get as the most gifted in the world of music and children of high-ranking parents. Erika is a legend of the conservatory; her musical talent manifested itself in childhood. She is strict and cold in class, unhappy and dissatisfied at home. At forty, she lives with her mother’s disgusting nature. Having poisoned his father, the old woman sent him to a mental hospital where he spent the last days of his life. This psychological trauma, Erica acquires in her childhood, still haunts her. The heroine compensates for the lack of sex life with goods and literature from the sex shop. At night, she delves into the world of fetishized sadomasochism and self-harm. This pace of life brings her to emotional frustration. But it seems that everything changes when she meets a young musician Walter Klemmer at a concert. After the performance, they enter into a psychological connection which is destined to develop into a physical one. Walter becomes an embodiment of fantasy for Erica, and for their execution, she is ready for anything, even the most disgusting acts.

(3) Sissi (1955)

The young lady Elizabeth, endowed by nature with unique charm, soon became the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. That is how a young woman started a new life with her husband whom she loved with all her heart. The position of the Empress for freedom-loving and not constrained by the canons is not easy for her. The heroine was especially hard on the fact that her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophia was completely taking care of her newborn daughter. Elizabeth was not easily disappointed; she got angry and went to her parents in her native Bavaria. But Franz Joseph came after her and found the right words to convince her

spouse to return. He told her about his love, and her parents could not only be pitiful to daughter but also convince her that from now, her position required certain sacrifices and unpleasant decisions. Sissy is back. She was able to find a way to coexist with her mother-in-law, choosing the path of diplomacy.

(4) A Dangerous Method (2011)

The biographical drama of the director David Cronenberg, the plot of which is based on real facts from the lives of the founders of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The action of the picture takes place at the beginning of the twentieth century and narrates the relationship of Carl Jung with his patient Sabina who eventually became his mistress. Parallel to this, the drama of Jung’s relationship with his mentor Sigmund Freud unfolds.

(5) Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)

Stefan Brand is a successful pianist who returns to his home in order to gather personal belongings and leave the city. He tries to avoid a duel in which he was called for a terrible fight. A servant named John gives Stefan a postal envelope. The letter is written with female handwriting which said that at the moment when Stefan receives this letter, the girl might not be alive. And she needs to tell him so much, but there is almost no time.


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