Ticha Umbartha Box Office Collection Till Now

Ticha Umbartha Box Office Collection Till Now completes 3 days with goes profit numbers. As per reports this Marathi movie goes with average numbers as it was promoted on small basis. The Film is sent at many film festivals and has grossed number of awards in its account. Lead by Chinmay Mandlekar, Tejaswini Pandit film goes with mixed reviews receiving good hike from first day compred to last 2 days of weekend.

Marathi Movie: Ticha Umbartha Box Office Collection Till Now

Made under the direction of Pradeep Ghonshikar, the film showcases good message to society as it is based on an adaptation of Marathi play “Majha Ghar”. This drama flick has made lesser collections compared to R. Viraj directed Marathi film release on same day.

The film grosses an income of Rs 0.32 crore i.e. 32 Lakhs on 1st day which is below average whereas grossed a profit of Rs 0.28 crore on 2nd day which takes its opening 2 days turnover at Rs 0.60 crore.

The third day income with a growth of around 20% gathered Rs 0.35 crore that is 35 lakhs as Sunday business.

Let me share you Day wise Collection in table format:-

Day Wise Collection Amount Share
1st Day Rs 32 Lakhs
2nd Day Rs 28 Lakhs
3rd Day Rs 35 Lakhs*
First Weekend Rs 0.95 Crore*

Note: [*] The Profit Figures may vary from actual ones. This are shared genuine news and website.

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