Prediction: Sultan Box Office Collection on 1st, 2nd, 3rd Day

Sultan Lifetime Day Wise Box Office Collection has brought Salman Khan’s Sultan Total Worldwide Box Office Collection at Rs 584.25 crores as gross profit and Rs 463.35 Cr as net profit. Sultan Lifetime Collections are finally revealed after the theatrical run at cinema theatres came to an end. The film has collected a domestic net income of Rs 300.35 crores from India whereas its Gross Indian Income stands at Rs 421.25 Crores while other International Income details with Day Wise Profit is shared below.

  • The film is made in Total Budget of Rs 90 crore claims Taran Adarsh that includes Rs 70 Crore as Sost of production & Rs 20 crore as Print and Advertising Cost.
  • Taran Adarsh officially revealed the screen counts in India [4350], Overseas – 1100, Total Worldwide- 5450 Screens
  • The film earned “514% profit” after deducting its total budget. [90 Cr Budget/ 463 Cr Global Net. Profit]

All the profit numbers are official and are claimed by Taran Adarsh & Bollywood Hungama website. The film has finally crossed 300 crore profit in India & mints 463.35 net profit worldwide.

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Sultan Total Lifetime Box Office Collection So Far [Sultan Day Wise & Worldwide Business]

Here are the following Sultan Collections,

Sultan Box Office Collection Day Wise Till Now collected Rs 300.35 Cr in India and Rs 163 Cr net income from International countries taking Sultan Worldwide Lifetime Total Net Collection at Rs 463.35 Cr & Rs 584.25 crores as Lifetime Gross Income.

Sultan Day Wise India Sultan Overseas
1st Day Rs 36.54 Cr Rs 20.41 Cr
2nd Day Rs 37.20 Cr Rs 18.79 Cr
3rd Day Rs 31.66 Cr Rs 17.65 Cr
1st Weekend Rs 105.50 Cr Rs 56.87 Cr
4th Day Rs 37.10 Cr Rs 15.20 Cr
5th Day Rs 38.21 Cr Rs 19.27 Cr
6th Day Rs 15.54 Cr Rs 13.20 Cr
7th Day Rs 12.92 Cr Rs 11.50 Cr
1st Week Rs 208.82 Cr Rs 117.15 Cr
8th Day  Rs 10.82 Cr  Rs 7.04 Cr
9th Day Rs 9.52 Cr Rs 6.34 Cr
10th Day Rs 7.43 Cr Rs 5.80 Cr
2nd Weekend Rs 236.50 Cr  Rs 136.33 Cr
11th Day Rs 11.46 Cr Rs 2.61 Cr
12th Day Rs 15.18 Cr Rs 2.35 Cr
13th Day Rs 4.08 Cr Rs 2.20 Cr
14th Day Rs 3.72 Cr Rs 2.10 Cr
Total 2 Weeks Rs 271.03 Cr Rs 145.49 Cr
15th Day Rs 3.42 Cr Rs 2.90 Cr
16th Day Rs 3.51 Cr Rs 2.15 Cr
17th Day Rs 2.14 Cr Rs 1.38 Cr
3rd Weekend Rs 280.10 Cr Rs 151.92 Cr
18th Day  Rs 3.81 Cr Rs 0.80 Cr
19th Day Rs 5.14 Cr Rs 0.54 Cr
20th Day Rs 1.30 Cr Rs 0.46 Cr
21st Day Rs 1.25 Cr Rs 0.38 Cr
Total 3 Weeks Rs 291.60 Cr Rs 154.10 Cr
22nd Day Rs 1.15 Cr Rs 0.35 Cr
23rd Day Rs 1.05 Cr Rs 0.28 Cr
24th Day Rs 0.57 Cr Rs 0.17 Cr
4th Weekend Rs 294.37 Cr Rs 154.90 Cr
25th Day Rs 0.98 Cr Rs 0.35 Cr
26th Day Rs 1.51 Cr Rs 0.30 Cr
27th Day Rs 0.34 Cr Rs 0.27 Cr
28th Day Rs 0.36 Cr Rs 0.23 Cr
Total 4 Weeks Rs 297.56 Cr Rs 156.05 Cr
29th Day Rs 0.34 Cr Rs 0.79 Cr
30th Day Rs 0.33 Cr Rs 0.66 Cr
31st Day Rs 0.24 Cr Rs 0.61 Cr
32nd Day Rs 0.49 Cr Rs 0.52 Cr
33rd Day Rs 0.78 Cr Rs 0.71 Cr
34th Day Rs 0.16 Cr Rs 0.87 Cr
35th Day Rs 0.16 Cr Rs 1.08 Cr
Total 5 Weeks Rs 297.56 Cr Rs 160.56 Cr
36th Day Rs 0.15 Cr Rs 1.50 Cr
37th Day Rs 0.14 Cr Rs 0.94 Cr
India Net. Till Now Rs 300.35 Cr Rs 163.00 Cr
India Gross So Far Rs 421.25 Cr
Worldwide Net. Rs 463.35 Cr [300.35+163.00]
Worldwide Gross Rs 584.25 Cr  

Note: Income shared are from reliable sources and are official profit numbers.

Conclusion: Sultan Lifetime Worldwide Total Box Office Collection Gross stands at Rs 584.25 Crores

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Sultan Overseas Box Office Collection Till Now [Country Wise]

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Sultan Box Office Collection Records Till Now

  1. Sultan Lifetime Gross stands at 584.25 Cr & Net 463.25 Cr [Highest among all Bollywood Films]
  2. This Income are highest among all films of his career.
  3. Sultan is the Highest Grosser of 2016 Year
  4. Second 300 Crore Film of Salman Khan after Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  5. 2nd Highest Grosser of All Bollywood films after PK with 625 cr gross income and Sultan with 584.25 Cr
  6. Sultan collection on day 1 made Rs 36.54 crores [Highest opening grosser of 2016 Year]
  7.  Second day Sultan earns Rs 37.20 crores claims Taran Adarsh [Total 2 days at Rs 73.74 cr]
  8. 3rd day collected Rs 31.66 [Total 3 Days Rs 105.50 cr]
  9. 4th Day Sultan collected Rs 37.10 Cr [Total 4 Days 142.62 cr. India biz.]
  10. Day 5 Rs 38.21, Day 6 Rs 15.54 Cr, Total 6 Days: Rs 195.90 cr
  11. Day 7 collection mints Rs 12.92 Cr, Day 8: 10.82 Crore total till now: 219.64 Cr
  12. Day 9: Rs 9.52 Cr Total 229.16 cr.
  13. Sultan beats Happy New Year Lifetime Collection
  14. Third movie of Salman to cross 200 crores in India
  15. Collected 200 crore in just 7 days [Creates History in Bollywood]
  16. No other film were able to earn 200 crore in 7 days
  17. Dhoom 3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK collected 200 cr but in total 9 Days
  18. Stays as second highest film of Anushka Sharma surpassing Jab Tak Hai Jaan lifetime biz. 120.65 Cr.
  19. It has surpassed Dilwale, 3 Idiots & Prem Ratan Dhan Payo worldwide collection
  20. Becomes fifth highest worldwide grosser till date
  21. Beats “Bajrangi Bhaijaan Day 1 Turnover” Rs 27.25 Cr
  22. Even beat Day 1 income of Fan Movie Rs 19.20 cr.
  23. Has also beat the top most ranked movie of 2016 Airlift lifetime income and stood as highest grosser
  24. Breaks “Housefull 3 Day 1 income Rs 15.21 Cr and stood at first place in Opening Grosser List
  25. Taran Adarsh states Sultan has opened well in India at East, West, North and South, opens at peak.


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