Mom 6th Day Collection, Spiderman Wednesday & Guest in London 6 Days Box Office

Box Office Report for Bollywood Films: Mom 6th Day Collection, Spiderman Wednesday Box Office & Guest in London 6 Days Business

Speaking about the box office for these Bollywood ventures, Mom is the one making impressive business. Yesterday, it was seen with a hike from Monday Business. It was surprising as positive word of mouth is working for the film. Mom made a business of 2.52 crores on Monday while Tuesday with good growth raked in 2.74 crores. Agreed, positive publicity and good content always work. So, this slow and steady film total collection is 19.66 crores. On Wednesday, the film witnessed a slight fall making 2.65 crores. Well, the total collection of Mom in 6 days mints in 22.31 crores.

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Next Hollywood release Spiderman Homecoming totals with 37.45 crores. Marvel super-hero flick collects 3.50 crores on Tuesday while Wednesday managed to remain stable. Spiderman Homecoming 6th day collection raked in 3.35 crores business and now stands with a grand total of 40.95 crores. Finally, crossed the lifetime collection of xXx Return of Xander Cage. (35 crores in India)

The last one, Guest Iin London made a business of 2.10 crores from Friday, 2.75 crores from Saturday, 3.05 crores from Sunday i.e. 7.90 crores coming in from Weekend. Continued further, another 95 lacs coming in from Monday and 75 lacs from first Tuesday that raked in 9.45 crores at the domestic box office until yesterday. While Guest Iin London on 6th day mints in 60 lacs (approx.) that takes its 6 days grand total at 10.05 crores. Finally, bringing more than 10 crores before a week.

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