Kabali 14th Day Collection, Kabali 2 Weeks Total Box Office Collection

Kabali 14th Day Collection of 2nd Thursday brings Kabali 2 Weeks Total Box Office Collection above 190 crores in India. The domestic income of Rajinikanth film is unable to beat Salman Khan’s “Sultan” but has given tough competition to many Bollywood biggies.

Kabali 14th Day Collection/ Kabali 2 Weeks Total Box Office Collection

The film completes the two weeks journey on an impressive note. After reported with a phenomenal start worldwide, the business graph of movie is seen with some ups and down in weekends and weekdays but still it manage to maintain its pace at worldwide box office. In weekdays unlike many films, this Tamil starrer witnessed lower occupancy in theatres.

Coming on to the box office analysis of Kabali, the film is made in a budget of 75 crores and has recovered it profit in opening days only and now crossing 190 crores means the film has actually earned a pure profit of 175% comparatively Sultan has made an profit of 235% with a budget of 70 crores.

Day before yesterday it made a business of 2.07 crore in India and yesterday it collected Rs 2.01 crore and on today the film is seen with some slight hike in business.

Kabali Movie 14th Day Box Office Collection makes a business of 2.10 crore that means a little rise compared to last day till 2nd Thursday.

Kabali 14 days total collection i.e. total 2 weeks box office makes a total income of Rs 189.36 crores.

Note: These are approx. income


  1. Rajini film beaten sultan n went off far away but sultan still struggling to earn money but u people r gave fake news abt sultan, Rajini film did better in North India, but sultan r free in theatres in South, so pls give a correct report, first day itself kabali made 100 crore, but no sultan did it.

  2. who said u Rajnikanth movie earned 100 crore on day 1, its fake we give news from official trade expert, the news which you people are hearing is wrong it earned 40 cr on day 1 got it. and the people saying kabali earned 400 cr, that means the film total income includes 200 crore of its film rights

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