tKabali 12th Day Box Office Collection, Kabali 12 Days Collection

Kabali 12th Day Box Office Collection precedes Kabali 12 Days Total Collection till 2nd Tuesday earns good income in India. The film goes with gross income of 660 crore as per official website Financial Express. The movie collects 660 crores as gross income over taking Aamir Khan Movies gross income and Salman Khan Movies. Therefore, Rajinikanth stays at no. 1 and then Aamir Khan and third position by Salman Khan.

Aamir Khan’s PK lifetime income was 625.65 crores which is broke by Kabali and has established a new record.

The 9 days scoreline of Kabali states that the film collects 255 crore from International market, 205 cr from India and 200 crore from marketing this takes its income at Rs 660 crore claims Financial Express.

Kabali 12th Day Box Office Collection/ 2nd Tuesday

The film has fought with big Bollywood movies and has beaten the best achiever PK income and other actors Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan or may be its Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan.

Tamil Movie offers phenomenal business till now. The film released with enormous hyped has made the same type of impact at box office and collected huge revenue.

Unfortunately, the film goes with less positive reviews from critics but audience reaction was positive on it.

Kabali 12th day box office collection makes a low income of Rs 2.07 crores on 2nd Tuesday as the income compared to yesterday is low as fourth Monday revenue was around 2.40 cr which includes 0.55 crore from North India and from south it makes 1.52 crores.

Kabali 12 Days Total Collection

Therefore, Kabali 12 days total collection makes an overall business of Rs 166.30 crores so far i.e. till 2nd Tuesday.



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