Lifetime Collection of Padmaavat Hit or Flop Verdict, with  Padmavat Day Wise Box Office. Along, with India net-gross and Total Worldwide Business Final Report: First and foremost, the film has made it to 300 crore club. Another, analyzing Padmaavat lifetime collection, it runs 85 days at the box office counter making more than 300 crores net and 387.35 crores gross in India. In addition, running with more than 12 weeks was impressive. Considering worldwide collection of Padmaavat, it passed 500 crores business globally.

Padmaavat Worldwide Lifetime Day Wise Box Office Collection Hit or Flop Final Verdict

Furthermore, this was the first film to make 100 and 200 crores business in 2018. Next, finally Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer Singh has their first 200 and 300 crores film in their list. In addition, this is the first 100, 200 and 300 crores film of Shahid Kapoor in his  career.

Also, analyzing Ranveer and Deepika’s previous films, Bajirao Mastani and Ram-Leela made 184 crores and 116 crores from lifetime. Comparatively, this one passes 280 crores net in India and 470 crores worldwide.

Worldwide Padmaavat Day Wise Box Office Collection Total Report

Days Collections
Preview Shows (Wednesday) ₹5.00 Cr
Day 1 (Thursday) ₹19.00 Cr
Day 2 (Friday) ₹32.00 Cr
Day 3 (Saturday) ₹27.00 Cr
Day 4 (Sunday) ₹31.00 Cr
Total 1st Weekend ₹114.00 Cr
Day 5 (Monday) ₹15.00 Cr
Day 6 (Tuesday) ₹14.00 Cr
Day 7 (Wednesday) ₹12.50 Cr
Total 1st Week ₹155.50 Cr
Day 8 (2nd Thur) ₹11.00 Cr
Day 9 (2nd Fri) ₹10.00 Cr
Day 10 (2nd Sat) ₹16.00 Cr
Day 11 (2nd Sun) ₹20.00 Cr
Day 12 (2nd Mon ) ₹7.00 Cr
Day 13 (2nd Tue) ₹6.00 Cr
Day 14 (2nd Wed) ₹5.50 Cr
Total 2 Weeks ₹231.00 Cr
Day 15 (3rd Thurs) ₹5.00 Cr
Day 16 (3rd Fri) ₹3.50 Cr
Day 17 (3rd Sat) ₹6.30 Cr
Day 18 (3rd Sun) ₹8.00 Cr
Day 19 (3rd Mon) ₹3.20 Cr
Day 20 (3rd Tue) ₹3.75 Cr
Day 21 (3rd Wed) ₹4.50 Cr
Total 3 Weeks ₹265.25 Cr
Day 22 (4th Thu) ₹2.50 Cr
Day 23 (4th Fri) ₹1.75 Cr
Day 24 (4th Sat) ₹3.00 Cr
Day 25 (4th Sun) ₹4.00 Cr
Day 26 (4th Mon) ₹1.58 Cr
Day 27 (4th Tue) ₹1.28 Cr
Day 28 (4th Wed) ₹1.28 Cr
Total 4 Weeks ₹280.64 Cr
Day 29 (5th Thurs) ₹1.28 Cr
Day 30 (5th Fri) ₹88 Lakhs
Day 31 (5th Sat) ₹1.56 Cr
Day 32 (5th Sun) ₹2.02 Cr
Day 33 (5th Mon) ₹90 Lakhs
Day 34 (5th Tue) ₹80 Lakhs
Day 35 (5th Wed) ₹70 Lakhs
Total 5 Weeks ₹288.78 Cr
Day 36 (6th Thurs) ₹68 Lakhs
Day 37 to Day 43 ₹6.98 Cr
Day 44 to Day 50 ₹3.82 Cr
Day 51 to Day 57 ₹1.16 Cr
Day 58 to Day 64 ₹45 Lakhs
Day 65 to Day 71 ₹17 Lakhs
Day 72 to Day 78 ₹6 Lakhs
Day 79 to Day 85 ₹3 Lakhs
India Lifetime Net ₹302.13 Cr
India Lifetime Gross ₹387.35 Cr
Overseas Lifetime Gross ₹121.03 Cr 
Worldwide Lifetime Gross ₹508.38 Cr

Padmaavat Worldwide Collection and Overseas Box Office Country Wise

Internationally, this magnum opus has made more than 100 crores in overseas, brilliant! In addition, among overseas countries, USA and Canada give maximum business. As a result, adding India gross with overseas gross, it marks make 500 crores plus business. Finally, have a look at country wise, overseas, worldwide business.

Padmavat Overseas Country Wise Total Report
International Countries Gross Business
Germany ₹1.25 Crores
New Zealand ₹4.13 Crores
Australia ₹16.16 Crores
The United Kingdom ₹20.40 Crores
USA & Canada ₹79.09 Crores
Overseas ₹121.03 Cr
India Gross  ₹387.35 Cr
Worldwide Gross ₹508.38 Cr

Padmavat Hit or Flop Box Office Analysis, Padmavati Budget

Made with a budget of 190 crores, it has made more than 100 crores from selling its satellite and other rights. Another, making 302 crores net from India showcase that it made more than 112 crores extra from the budget, i.e. pure profit. Therefore, calculating Padmaavat HIT or FLOP analysis, it fetches Semi-Hit verdict. Hence, showcasing 100% recovery even after the big budget is a positive sign that audiences loved the film. Most noteworthy, the competitive films Aiyaary and Padman release at the same time, were unable to affect its business.

Lastly, keep visiting MBOC: Movie Box Office Collection site for the Day Wise Collection of Padmaavat.

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