Coffee With D Review and IMDB Rating, Taran Adarsh

Coffee with D Review and IMDB Rating, Taran Adarsh Analysis: It’s a Hindi movie directed by Vishal Mishra, produced by Vinod Ramani and co-produced by Mohan Sachdev under Apex Entertainment. The movie stars Zakir Hussain essaying the role of “D” who is the Don. Anjana Sukhani is seen playing Arnab’s wife. Arnab is played by the Comedy Nights Fame Sunil Grover who is the main Protagonist of the movie.

Coffee With D Review and IMDB Rating, Taran Adarsh

The movie has some hilarious story plot that didn’t go well with the audiences. It basically shows the life of the celebrity TV anchor Arnab’s lifestyle and his pregnant wife’s expenses that would cut down if he loses his job. Since being a well-known TV persona the world trusts he would come with something new for their entertainment. Due to which he decides to do something out of the box and interview the infamous Don of the Mumbai’s Underworld who is responsible for all of his dark deeds and bad reputation.

The D is said to be showcasing Dawood. This created quite a stir with some controversy coming on its way for the movie. Due to which the movie was postponed from its original release date 6th January 2017 to 20th January 2017. The movie by far has received really worst ratings and is considered to be below average in entertaining its viewers. For me, it goes with 2 stars out of total 5 ratings.

Coffee With D IMDb Rating goes with 8.7 ratings out of 10 from 14 Users so far


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