Half Girlfriend Day Wise Collection, Worldwide Box Office Hit or Flop Total Report

Worldwide Lifetime Day Wise Collection of Half Girlfriend Hit or Flop Total Box Office, Overseas Report

Lifetime Day Wise Collection of Half Girlfriend Hit or Flops Box Office Verdict claims to earn more than its budget. The film could have earned better but this Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor romantic starrer make 60.06 net from 21 days lifetime run while same day released Hindi Medium after a slow start grabs ₹ 62.41 crores from 4 weeks (still running). Looking at the India gross numbers, it collects 83.42 crores.

Box Office: Half Girlfriend Day Wise Breakup Report
Day 1₹10.27 Cr
Day 2₹10.63 Cr
Day 3₹11.14 Cr
Weekend₹32.04 Cr
Day 4₹5.11 Cr
Day 5₹4.46 Cr
Day 6₹4.02 Cr
Day 7₹3.56 Cr
Week 1₹49.19 Cr
Day 8₹1.76 Cr
Day 9₹2.01 Cr
Day 10₹2.35 Cr
Day 11₹1.00 Cr
Day 12₹90 Lacs
Day 13₹80 Lacs
Day 14₹70 Lacs
Day 15 to Day 21₹1.35 Cr
India Net₹60.06 Cr
India Gross₹83.42 Cr
Overseas₹14.04 Cr
Worldwide Gross₹97.49 Cr

Half Girlfriend Budget & Total Screens

The film has released at total 2500 Indian screens and made in an investment of 48 Crores all inclusive including:

  1. Production Cost: 35 Crores
  2. Prints & Advertising Cost: 13 Crores

Half Girlfriend Worldwide-Overseas Collection (Country Wise)

Coming on to the overseas business of this Bollywood movie, the gross income for USA, UK, Canada, Germany and other countries is officially updated here. Keep visiting or bookmark this page for further information.

Half Girlfriend Overseas Breakup (Country Wise)
International CountriesGross Business
Malaysia₹ 1 Lac
New Zealand₹ 39 Lacs
Australia₹ 41 Lacs
The United Kingdom₹ 1.79 Lacs
USA & Canada₹ 2.86 Cr
Rest of World₹ 4.16 Cr
United Arab Emirates/G.C.C.₹ 4.45 Cr
Overseas₹ 14.04 Cr
India Gross ₹ 83.42 Cr
Worldwide Gross₹ 97.49 Cr

Half Girlfriend Hit or Flop

For receiving a HIT verdict, the film needs to at least earn 50 Crores from the box office. Till now, it has earned 60.06 crores business from the box office. Therefore, it gets a Hit verdict.

Producers claim that the flick has already gathered 33 Crores from selling India Theatrical, music + satellite + overseas+ digital rights. The profit calculation is as follows:-

  • [+] Income earned from selling Rights: 33 Crores
  • [+] Box Office Business Till Now: 60.06 Crores
  • [=] Total Business: 93.06
  • [-] Film Budget: 48 Crores
  • [=] Profit Till now: 45.06 Crores

Half Girlfriend Lifetime Collection

Half Girlfriend Lifetime Collection ends up at 60.06 crores net and 83.42 crores gross across India while worldwide lifetime ends up at 97.49 crores.

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