{Worldwide} Deadpool 10th day (2nd Weekend) Box Office Collection, Total 2nd Sunday

{Worldwide} Deadpool Total 10th day (2nd Weekend) Box Office Collection for 2nd Sunday completing total 10 days including 8th day and 9th day witnesses extraordinary profit at ticket windows in domestic & foreign countries. The movie is fantastically earning income in domestic and international market.

{Worldwide} Deadpool 10th day (2nd Weekend) Box Office Collection

We’ll initiate with Deadpool again because there are lot of interesting things about this movie than any other movies of Hollywood. The movie after passing total $180 Million in entire 7 days, gathers $8.02 Million on 7th day of Thursday. The blockbuster movie of Ryan Reynolds has beaten all other Hollywood films ‘Risen’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, ‘How to Be Single’, ‘The Witch’, ‘Race’, ‘Zoolander No. 2’, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, ‘The Revenant and the last Hail, Caesar’. The film is standing at top position in highest grosser till now.

Deadpool with a decline of 66% on 8th day (2nd Friday) collected $16.2 millions dollars {US$16.2 million} but it is still way ahead of other blockbuster movies. So far, the movie got $196.6 million in total 8 days as domestic collection.

Deadpool total 2nd weekend box office collection got $56,100,000 which includes 8th day, 9th day and 10th day box office income. Ryan Reynolds superhero starrer film drops down with -58% compared to opening weekend. The film is still running at Total 3,722 theatres screens and the income is accumulated from this following total screens. The film has recovered its budget and is earning a pure profit currently. Tim Miller directed movie made in a budget of Rs $58 million has crossed this mark in initial days only.

Coming on to the worldwide collection, as per Box office Mojo website the film grosses $196,619,887 {13,51,34,78,382 in Indian rupee} as domestic income whereas Foreign countries International income got $153,011,548 {10,51,63,23,031.91 in Indian Rupees}. These worldwide reports are till 19th February 2016.

#Deadpool Worldwide box office collection stands at $349,631,435 till now that is Rs 24.02 Billion profit. {Estimate} claims Wikipedia.

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