Wazir 3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection, Total 3 Days (1st Weekend Day wise Business Report)

Wazir 3rd Day Box Office Collection of Sunday gets 15% hike compared to last 2 days. Looking after 10th January 2016 BOC that is 3rd day box office it is very crucial for the film to gather good profit in weekdays as the competition is high because still Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale are running over cinema theatres.

Wazir 3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection, Total 3 Days (1st Weekend Day wise Business Report)

Taran Adarsh reports that Wazir movie earns 1st weekend collection mints Rs 21.01 crore in Total 3 Days Business Report as predicted in our previous post. The movie fares good at premium multiplexes in metros and other big cinema theatres. The film had 65-70% occupancy rate on this day as the film started accumulating good profit from morning shows itself i.e. 1.57 crore, then afternoon goes with 1.89 crore, evening collects 2.34 crore and night ends with 2.43 crore.

Therefore, Wazir 3rd day Sunday box office collection mints Rs 8.24 crore on 10th January 2016 which is great as the movie got hiked in all 3 days compared to Friday which goes with 5.61 crore and then Saturday records 7.16 crore. Now, Sunday profit increases with 1.04 crore compare to Sunday. The weekday’s box office income of Monday would be surely less but if the movie earns even 50% of 10th January then it will pass the Monday test. The movie earned good weekend collection even in International markets.

It has jumped 28% on Saturday and now 15% approx. on Sunday. Let’s hope for the best income on Monday. The movie marks good actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar and Aditi Rao in lead roles. The film gets decent business on Indian screens that adds 8.24 crore in its pockets and takes its total income to 21.01 crore. The film said by our experts will face low response on weekdays as it lacked in promotion before it released.

Here is the official tweet by Taran Adarsh for Day Wise 3 Days.

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