Vitamin She Review, Rating & Box Office Collection

Box Office Collection of Vitamin She and Its Review: 4.0 stars

Well, the film has finally got a date and hits cinemas on 28th July 2017. Talking about the Box Office Collection and Review of Gujarati Movie Vitamin She (વિટામીન શી), it bags a decent response from the premier shows. It is made with a budget around 1.00-1.50 crores. Coming on to its reviews and rating, it grabs a good audience response receiving 4.0 stars. This Gujarati language romantic comedy is made under the direction of Faisal Hashmi. Also, the film stars Dhvanit Thaker, Kurush Deboo, Bhakti Kubavat, and Smit Pandya in lead roles. Shreedhar Bhatt is cinematographer while Prabaahar is the editor of this Gujju film.

Evaluating its review, the cinema story is around the character of Jigar (Actor Dhvanit Thaker). Well, he is a fun loving guy with a fear of love from his childhood itself. Moving ahead, after growing up, every guy needs a girl. Same way, his friends force him and try every way to convince him that he needs a girl in his life. Vitamin She title is used on behalf of a girl. That means you cannot live without Vitamin She. Further, will going somewhere for work. He gets contact with Shruti (Actress Bhakti Kubavat) and finally falls in love with this beautiful girl. They grow closer, their bond moves in a smooth way like a happy go lucky life.

However, as it occurs in everyone’s life, post a couple of months, they start owning disputes on smallest things. Their relationship continues in the same way, finally breaking up with each other. Here, Jigar realizes that the feeling of love has an expiration date. Now, what happens here is Jigar start hating girls. The rest of the story revolves around how Jigar deals with Shruti after a breakup and whether he patch up again or not?. Also, does Shruti realizes the true meaning of love? revolves the rest of the story.

Vitamin She Review Final Verdict

Check out all the rating on the film technical aspects.

  1. Review-Rating: 4.0 stars.
  2. Story Line: 3.5 stars.
  3. Direction: 4.1 stars.
  4. Climax: 3.8 stars.
  5. Acting Performance:  4.0 stars.
  6. Screenplay: 3.3 stars.
  7. Music: 3.9 stars.
  8. Editing: Good.
  9. Cinematography: Excellent.
  10. First Half: Good.
  11. Second Half: Interesting.

Other movie details:-

  1. Movie Nameવિટામીન શી
  2. Star Cast: Dhvanit Thaker, Kurush Deboo, Bhakti Kubavat, and Smit Pandya
  3. Writer: Faisal Hashmi, Paresh Patel, Mohsin Chavada
  4. Director: Faisal Hashmi
  5. Cinematographer: Shreedhar Bhatt
  6. Editor: Prabaahar
  7. Music: Mehul Surti
  8. Release date: 28 July 2017
  9. Producer: Sanjay Raval

Vitamin She Box Office Collection

Well, this Gujarati film early estimates for first-day box office comes out with 8.00 to 9.00 lakhs approx. Whereas the second day will surely show further growth as per the coming reviews. This predicts around 20-25% hike on Saturday. On Sunday, if the word of mouth is favourable, it can bring around 40% hike. Well, it is releasing at a good number of screens in Gujarat as well as Mumbai. An estimation of 180-220 screen is predicted. Also, the budget for the film is not yet revealed by the producers but as said above can be around the same numbers. Keep visiting.

Note: The profit numbers shared are approx., we don’t claim any authenticity of data.

Check out its Trailer

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