Tubelight 10th Day Collection Passed 118Cr Worldwide (Day 10 Box Office)

Tubelight 10th Day Collection Passed 198Cr Worldwide (Day 10 Box Office)

Well, Tubelight has collected a business of 112.36 cores* from the domestic box office (India net) until yesterday. Whereas speaking about worldwide collections, it has made more than 195 crores gross. Still, the movie is a complete disappointment in terms of collecting profit and reviews as well. Although it has entered into Bollywood 100 Crore Club making more than 1 billion profit but if compared to his stardom and previous films business, it stays below expectation.

The film completed Week One in India fetching 64.77 crores from the weekend and 42.09 crores from weekdays that records at 106.86 crores. This includes Friday (21.15 crores), Saturday (21.17 crores) and Sunday (22.45 crores). Whereas weekdays daily income is classified into 19.09 crores on Monday (Drop of 3.36 crores from Sunday). Tuesday added 12.00 crores (Fall of 7.09 crores) and Wednesday brought 6.50 crores (5.50 crores drop). While on last day of a week Thursday brings 4.50 crores a difference of 2.00 crores.

Later on, in the second week run the film was unable to show any good response and falls further in business. On second Friday, the film brought 3.40 crores* and 3.00 crores* on next day (2nd Saturday). Therefore, until day nine the film stood at a grand total of 112.36 cores*.


Therefore, running at 4350 screens across India the film has the capability of making more than 35 crores business (If witnesses 100% occupancy). Looking at the current performance and collections the film is making lower than what it can make in second-weekend run.

After the release of Hollywood movie in India, Transformers The Last Knight on Friday the films were seen with a slight business fall. On the other side, Tubelight day ten occupancy rate witnessed around 40-45% across India. This shows a higher business on 2nd Sunday crossing 116 crores in ten days.

10th Day Collection of Tubelight witnessed a higher jump and garnered a profit of 4.14 crores. Therefore, Tubelight 10 days net turnover of India stands at 116.00 crores.


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