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Ghayal Once Again Box Office Collection 1 Month (Total 31, 33 – 35 Days)

Ghayal Once Again Total box office collection for 1 month and extended days till Day 33- 35 completing total 4th week and 5th week states that the box office journey of Sunny Deol action starrer movie comes

Ghayal Once Again 27th, 26th Day Box Office Collection, 4th Wednesday

Ghayal Once Again 27th, 26th day box office collection stays poor by earning small amount of business on 4th Wednesday & Tuesday. The movie has gone out of theatres but is still collecting income in some theatres

Ghayal Once Again 25th Day Collection, 5th Monday Box Office

Ghayal Once Again 25th day box office collection for 5th Monday is worst as the screens of movie are out at most places. The film has fallen down today with more than 50% revenue compared to last

Ghayal Once Again 24th Day (4th Weekend) Box Office Collection stays Poor

[GOA] Ghayal Once Again 24th day box office collection till 4th weekend (4th Sunday) stays extremely poor as the film shows are completely out of theatres and the film collections have come below 5 lakhs rupees. The

Ghayal Once Again 23rd, 22nd Day Box Office Collection (4th Saturday and Friday)

{GOA Returns Business Reports} Ghayal Once Again 23rd day and 22nd day box office collection (4th Saturday and Friday) reports states that the film goes with poor income than it was earning in previous because of new

Ghayal Once Again 21st Day completing 3 Weeks Total Box Office Collection

  Ghayal Once Again 21st Day box office is poor but completing total 3 Weeks, its total 21 days box office collection stays average. The movie getting good response and collecting decent profit in releasing days is

Ghayal Once Again 20th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Wednesday)

Ghayal Once Again 20th day box office collection for 3rd Wednesday has been critically low like the previous day. Sunny Deol starrer Ghayal Returns have stopped performing currently and basically it is gathering low income at ticket

Ghayal Once Again 19th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Tuesday Worldwide, Overseas)

{Worldwide, Overseas of G. Returns, GOA} Ghayal Once Again 19th day box office collection has fallen completely down and day wise profit numbers have gone around 40-50 Lakhs approx. The film assorting expected decent income in initial

Ghayal Once Again 17th Day Box Office Collection, 3rd Weekend, Total 3rd Sunday

{Ghayal Returns, GOA 16th day} Ghayal Once Again 17th day box office collection for 3rd Sunday with total 3rd Weekend goes average. The movie has earned decent profit in initial days and the star power of Sunny

Ghayal Once Again 15th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Friday)

Ghayal Once Again 15th Day Box Office Collection for 3rd Friday states that the movie with a slight hike of 2 lakhs rupees goes below average. The movie now come to an end and is screening its
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