Thoongavanam Total 2 Months Collection, 5 Weeks and 5th Week Box Office

Thoongavanam also known as “Thoongaa Vanam” Tamil movie total 2 months box office collection with entire 5 weeks box office and 5th week income in Chennai and Tamil Nadu is excellent. Let me share you Week Wise Income of Chennai with no of shows:-

Thoongavanam Total 2 Months Collection and Entire 5 Weeks with 5th Week Box Office Income

Week 1 Collection

(From Nov 09th 2015 to Nov 15th 2015)

1st Weekend: Rs. 82,53,560 (82.53 Lakhs)

No. of Shows: 255 in Chennai

Weekdays Income: Rs. 87,37,817 (87.37 Lakhs) / Shows: 273

Total Week 1:  Rs 1,69,91,377 (Rs 1.69 Cr)

Thoongavanam Week 2 (2nd)

(From 16th November 2015 to Nov 22nd 2015)

2nd Weekend: Rs. 32,52,171 (32.52 lakhs) / Shows: 147

2nd Weekdays Profit: Rs. 40,31,312 (40.31 Lakhs) / Shows: 292

Total: Rs 72,83,483 (Rs 72.83 Lakhs)

3rd Week Box office

Weekend 3: Rs. 4,54,424 (4.54 lakhs) / Shows: 36

Weekdays 3: Rs. 19,21,068 (19.21 Lacs)/ Shows: 188

Entire Income: Rs 23,75,492 (23.75 Lakhs)

Week 4 Business

Overall 5 Lakhs approx. / Shows: 82

Week 5 BOC

From 7th December 2015 to 13th December 2015

Weekend 5 Collection: Rs 35,964 / Shows: 6

5th Weekday Profit: Rs 1,57,140 / Shows: 20

Total 5 Weeks Box Office Collection in Chennai: Rs 2,68,43,455 that is Rs 2.68 Crore

Note: The reports are as per

The movie ran successfully for 5 weeks and then it ends with no shows in Chennai and other following states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana. The film stars Kamal HaasanPrakash Raj, Trisha, Kishor and Sampath Raj in lead and supporting roles which received 3.5 Star Rating from Critics. The Occupancy rate decreased from 70% opening day to 15-20% till the end of the first month.

This Business Trade reports are of this following states whereas the overseas profit is not included in this list. We will share it soon with you as we receive the updates.

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