Tanu Nenu Telugu movie total box office collection

Tanu Nenu Telugu movie total box office collection is predicted to be decent or below average as the movie marks a mixed review but the competition at box office with this film is high. The movie raked 2-3 crore on first day of Friday that is Opening day (27th November 2015). After releasing on and around 300 theatres in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and other southern parts of India it manage to mints maximum business from Tamil Nadu state. The film lead by Avika Gor, Ravi Babu and Santhosh Shobhan has impressively attracted around 60% audience to cinema theatres on first day. This romantic and comedy flick morning shows were completely very low but after the reviews were out the film gained some audience to the cinema theatres.

Coming on to afternoon show it increased drastically to 40% occupancy rate then reached till 55%. The night shows ended up with 65% occupancy rate which goes to average 65-70% occupancy rate. The story of a girl and his father, her boyfriend successfully entertain maximum audience coming at cinema shows.

Tanu Nenu Telugu movie total box office collection

Now, moving towards Tanu Nenu Telugu movie total box office collection can be obviously predicted as the movie has only completed a couple of time at theatres. The film is expected to make a overall worldwide and domestic collection around Rs 25-30 crores till it last on multiplex and single screen.

The film has young actors in it who are coming up with new acting skills which hopefully impresses audience in the next coming days of this film as the public and fans coming on first day is because of the marketing and promotion of flick but after the Friday, the traffic coming to cinema is because of the film good or bad reviews.

Hence, net gross income of the feature film can be around 25-30 crores i.e. overall collection.