Sultan 30th Day, 1 Month Total Box Office Collection, Total 30 Days

Sultan 30th Day Collection takes Sultan’s 1 Month/ 30 Days Total Box Office Collection crosses 298 crores finally. The film till now should have crossed 300 crores but the film every day is making a below average income around 35 lakhs resulting into slow speed for reaching 3 billion Rupees.

Lead by Salman Khan, the film is currently running in 5th Week and completing total 4 week day before yesterday. The film has enjoyed phenomenal response at box office from all over the globe and is still making some profit even after completing 4 weeks at Indian theatres and overseas.

Sultan 30th Day B.O.C./ 1 Month Total Box Office Collection

The film as you are seeing is struggling to cross the 300 crore profit mark but today on 5ht Thursday the film with same type of income has cross 298 crores finally and even tomorrow the film will be seen with same collection but on fifth Saturday and Sunday it is expected to make some good income and cross its 300 crore for sure.

Being Super star Salman Khan in the film, it has collected huge income in the opening days and the enormous buzz for the film attracted around 95-98% occupancy in all theatres across India. After the reviews were positive, the film achieved good income in weekends as well.

But now as the movie has spent lot of days at box office, it is earning a low daily income. The good news is it has recovered its profit in opening weekend only and then the income earned at box office was a pure profit.

Sultan till now has made a pure profit of 235% profit that means film made in 70 crores has earned almost double profit after deducting budget amount.

Sultan 30th day box office collection makes an income of Rs 30 crores* on fifth Thursday that takes it grand total above 298 crores.

Therefore, Sultan Total Box Office Collection of 30 days/ Total 1 Month Collection has raked a turnover of Rs 298.20 crores* successfully. The film would have crossed 305 crore yet but because of the much hyped South release “Kabali”, it faced a higher drop in Southern parts and slight fall in other parts of India.

So, now the film requires Rs 1.80 crore to become Salman Khan second 300 crore film.

Note: * Final numbers awaited for Report of 8th August 2016.



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