SCN, Soggade Chinni Nayana 3 Weeks Total Worldwide Collection (21 Days Box Office)

{Till 4th February 2016} Soggade Chinni Nayana 3 weeks total worldwide box office collection with 3rd week i.e. total 21 days (till 21st day) box office verdict this Nagarjuna Akkineni Telugu starrer as double Blockbuster. The film after finishing 3 week is verdicted as Nagarjuna’s till now career’s best earning movie. The film overseas collection had some decrease in its business because of USA dollars currency price reduced in last 4 days to Rupees 67.78.

Soggade Chinni Nayana 3 Weeks Box Office Collection Worldwide (21 Days Box Office)

The film after showing good reports in previous days is still collecting good income till now. It is obvious that this Telugu movie income compared to opening week will be less but still it is appreciable that the motion picture is still accumulating profit in overseas and India.

Soggade Chinni Nayana 3 Weeks Total Worldwide Collection for 21 Days in Andhra Pradesh & Nizam mints a net profit of “Rs 33.57 crore” whereas gross revenue stays at “Rs 51.30 crore”. Andhra Pradesh separate gross collection mints “Rs 25.40 crore” till 3rd Thursday i.e. till 4th February 2016. SCN collects “Rs 3.38 cr” in Karnataka and “Rs 3.25 crore” as net profit.

Soggade Chinni Nayana total 3 Weeks box office collection till 21 days worldwide raked a “Net Business of Rs 41.38 crore” whereas “Gross income stands at Rs 66.35 crore”. The overseas collection adding USA income and rest of the world is also surprising as it is seen with good growth earning Rs 4.28 crores (Addition of USA 3.25 + ROW 58 Lakhs). The gross income of United States of America for SCN stands at Rs 5.64 crore

Area Wise NameNet BOC ShareGross Share
NizamRs 10.80 CrRs 17.50 cr
CededRs 6.07 croreRs 8.40 cr
VizagRs 3.50 crore
EastRs 3.48 crore
GunturRs 3.37 crore
KrishnaRs 2.55 crore
WestRs 2.11 crore
NelloreRs 1.69 croreAP: 25.40 cr
Andhra Pradesh
Rs 33.57 croreRs 51.30 cr
KarnatakaRs 3.38 croreRs 6.70 cr
Rest of IndiaRs 60 LakhRs 1.55 cr
USARs 3.25 croreRs 5.64 cr
Rest of WorldRs 58 LakhRs 1.16 cr
Total WorldwideRs 41.38 CrRs 66.35 cr

This is the shared business report till 21st day of Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishnan & Lavanya Tripathi starrer SCN collecting excellent revenue in entire 3 weeks.

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