Singam 3 3rd to 6th Day Collection, Tuesday Box Office Slows in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Especially in Kerala: Si3 earns 100 crores in 6 Days

Suriya Tamil Singam 3 known as Si3 from 2nd to 3rd day shows decent but in weekdays i.e. 5th day performed low and even Tuesday [6th day] falls further in business. Firstly, It had a great opening in Kerala but the release of Prithviraj “Ezra” has attracted all the audiences to its shows. Considering S3 Kerala Business, it made good Day 1 but then it was seen with a fall. So far in 5 days, it made 6.54 crores from Kerala while 25.91 Lacs from Kochi Multiplex in 4 Days.

Singam 3 3rd Day Collection, Saturday Box Office Hikes

It failed to surpass Bairavaa opening record of Rs 12.45 crores as it made as it earned 9 crores from Tamil Nadu, 4.80 from AP/TG and 17.60 crores Worldwide on 1st Day. Now, Adding Day 2 and 3rd Day Collection of Singam 3, it stood at Rs 57 crores worldwide in 3 days.

S3 Chennai Business, it made 65 lacs on release day and 50 on next day officially claimed by IBtimes. While Day 3 shows 62 Lacs business in Chennai.

Singam 3 4th day Collection Area Wise:

On Monday, it made a total of 62.16 crores worldwide which includes 25.83 crores from Tamil Nadu, 10.95 crores from AP & TG, 6.02 crores from Kerala, 4.31 crores from Karnataka and 60 lacs from Rest of India while overseas market made a business 14.45 crores. The film stood unaffected from Om Namo Venkatesaya as failed to make a box office impression but Ezra release affected its business in Kerala.

Kerala Day Wise Business:

2.31 crores from Day 1, 1.05 crores from Day 2, 1.32 crores from Day 3, 1.34 crores from Day 4, 52 lacs from 5th day brought Total Income till Monday at 6.54 crores.

While 6th Day Collection of Singam in Kerala stands out at Rs 36 lacs, totaling 6 days Kerala business at Rs 6.90 crores while his own 24 Movie made 6.31 crores from 4 Days, Ezra made 8.53 crores from the weekend and Vijay’s Bairavaa 4 Days income was 6.08 crores, which is Tamil 2017 Biggest Grosser.

Singam 3 Crosses 100 Crores in 6 Days

Making such huge business, the makers of Si3 have arranged a press meeting for celebrating its Telugu version success. In the meeting, Studio Green Productions said that “Si3 grossed 100 crores in 6 days even after its release on Thursday, which was a weekday“. If this said report is true, it will be Suriya’s fastest film earning gross 100 crores Business.

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