Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro Overseas & Worldwide Total Box Office Collection

Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro Worldwide & Overseas Total Box Office Collection of Day Wise and Country Wise till now denotes that Akshay Kumar’s Rustom aheads collecting 125+ crores worldwide at box office whereas Mohenjo Daro Worldwide Collection including overseas/ International market mints Rs 72+ net and 90+ crore as gross income. Till now Rustom collect Rs 101+ crore in India whereas Mohenjo Daro staying behind collects Rs 55+ crores collection in India whereas calculating overseas collection, Rustom again wins the race even in International market taking its worldwide better than other film.

Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro Overseas & Worldwide Total Box Office Collection [Day Wise]

This Day Wise Collection of Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Of Overseas and Worldwide brings both movies income at amazing profit numbers but unluckily Hrithik Roshan movie stays behind in this competition.

DayRustomMohenjo Daro
Day 1Rs 14.11 CrRs 8.87 Cr
Day 2Rs 16.43 CrRs 9.60 Cr
Day 3Rs 19.88 CrRs 12.08 Cr
Day 4Rs 17.81 CrRs 10.27 Cr
Day 5Rs 7.67 CrRs 3.16 Cr
Day 6Rs 6.38 CrRs 2.96 Cr
Day 7Rs 8.62 CrRs 4.24 Cr
Day 8Rs 4.41 CrRs 1.75* Cr
Day 9Rs 5.69* CrRs 2.59* Cr
India Net.Rs 101.20 CrRs 55.52 Cr
OverseasRs 25.31 CrRs 22.01 Cr*
WorldwideRs 126.51 CrRs 77.53 Cr

Note: * Mark means approx income & Final numbers awaited

Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro Overseas & Worldwide Total Box Office Collection [Country Wise]

CountriesRustom Mohenjo Daro
USA + CanadaRs 5.06 croresRs 4.87 Cr
MalaysiaRs 8.06 LacsRs 0.03 Cr
U.K.Rs 93.85 LacsRs 1.46 Cr
New ZealandRs 55.44 LacsRs 0.16 Cr
PakistanRs **Rs 1.83 Cr
UAE/ G.C.C.Rs **Rs 6.29 Cr
AustraliaRs 1.07 CrRs 0.59 Cr
Rest of WorldRs **Rs 3.78 Cr
Overseas TotalRs 25.31 CrRs 22.01 Cr
IndiaRs 101.20 CrRs  55.52 Cr
WorldwideRs 126.51 CrRs 77.53 Cr

Note: These are official collection from Taran Adarsh and Bollywood Hungama sources.

Therefore, the collections till now states that Rustom Box Office Collection stays highest in overseas and worldwide market and even in India collection 101.20 Cr and worldwide at 126.51 Cr whereas Mohenjo Daro stays low compared to Rustom collectiong 77.53 cr net worldwide.


  1. Mohenjo daro is Far far better than Rustom. Of course I have gone to watch the movie from theatre but not to the school or college to study the history. Whoever has given those type of stupid reviews about the film is nothing but mad.

  2. Pankaj i think u have not watched any hollywood movie till now..That’s why u r saying Mohenjodaro is great movie..

  3. The story of mohenjodaro is very good. The film is superb and must be watched.

  4. Mohenjodaro is great and best movie. Hrithik perform extraordinary work on it and surely it is best movie compaire again rustom

  5. Plese bhale aap ko padh ne ka kantala ave lekin ye COMMENT PADH NA JARUR Mohen jo daro very very big beautiful flim and better flim and story big beautiful hrithik my favorite hero better and big beautiful acting …..
    Rustom flim flop story flop flim ……

    Mera kehana he India and hindi bollywood se ki rustom flim 15 August ke time pe release hoi usame akshay kumar commando ka rol kiya he to desh ke liye kuch acha karata huva rol nahi liya and bas apani bibi ko dusare ke shath dekh ta he and usako akshay kumar pistol se mar dalta he and police ke pas jakar jelame beth jata he and puri flim me no fighting and koi bi acha naya rol ya kuch nahi dikhaya puri flim ki story adalat me nikali last me akshay kumar case jit jata he case me bi koi maje vala rol nahi liya DOSTO esi to flim hoti he FLOP FLOP flim…MOHEN JO DARO me sab rol ache liye he nice story the flim HRITHIK and POOJA nice work..the big big beautiful flim MOHEN JO DARO… publicity se mera kehana he ki aap story dekho fir flim dekho RUSTOM flim 20Crod Bi KAMANE KA HAKADAR NAHIHE LOGO KE MAN ME LAGTA HE DESH KEBARE ME FLIM HOGI LEKIN ESI THODI SI BI FLIM NAI HE AKHI STORY ALAG HE FLOP STORY 15 AUGUSTA KA FAYDA UDHAYA RUSTOM NE …….. AUR MOHEN JO DARO Ko COLLECTION me KHUB MAR PADA DESH KE BARE ME HOGA VO SOCH KAR PUBLIC RUSTOM DEKH NE GAI AUR COLLECTION KARDIYA 15 AUGUST ME NAHI RELEASES KI HOTI TO RUSTOM 20CROD BI NAI KAMA PATI….dosto chahe koi kuch bi kahe lekin MOHEN jo daro is a best rustom kuch bi nahi MOHEN jo daro ke samane MOHEN jo daro nice……

    I LOVE You HRITHIK your big big fen NITIN………

  6. rustom is great movie ..
    and first heroes akki 1year to 3film
    100cror … the best actor&hero great great film rustom .hauseful3..airlift…

  7. M.D is extraordinary film…rustom is gud but typical story,scenes…v cant compare M.D to rustom…hritik’s acting is too gud..lik lagaan here is d anothr fantastic movie of ashutosh govarikar…

  8. Hi Hrithik
    I watched Mohenjo Daro, don’t get angry but it was looking outdated, please do more films
    By 50 years of age I think carreer as hero comes to close to end then u have to do charector artist, when you turn back u should have bunch of films, u will only grow by doing more no of films, I m waiting for krish4 and Dhoom4
    Please do more no of films

  9. i am not fan of,HR but his mohenjo daro is better than rustom. Akki is nice in rustom but HR is better than akki in Mohenjo daro.

  10. MohenjoDaro is far better than Rustom.
    I’m just loved it…
    HRITHIK Roshan Awesome…

  11. MohenjoDaro is far better than Rustom.
    I’m just loved it…
    HRITHIK Roshan Awesome…

  12. Both movies are great. But mahenjdaro is great,unquie.fantastic movie than rustom


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