Rail / Thodari Telugu - Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Telugu Version “Rail” & Tamil Version “Thodari” Movie Review & Rating are out and are reviewed by many Telugu and entertainment websites. Here are they follow:-

Rail / Thodari Telugu – Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Site: 123telugu

Rail Telugu Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Rail Movie Review: The whole film story is shown sitting up entirely in Train. The film second half seems to be far depressing rather its first half is interesting with some comedy scenes and lead actors appealing chemistry. The film drops after intermission because of its lengthy running time resulting into loss of excitement among the audience. The first half is pretty interesting but second goes off track. Some scenes are not up to the mark and climax looks illogical.

Site: Times of India

Thodari Tamil Movie Rating: 3.0/5

Thodari Review: The director has taken a leaf out of Radha Mohan’s “Payanam” for this film and the best way to watch this film is to consider it a spoof thriller. The plots are not focused with tackily staged romantic and thriller portions. The lead actor Dhanush seems to be in fine B-movie form, gamely providing comedy, heroism, and romance. The film has almost 2 dozen of supporting characters in it and still it feels like boring. Director Prabu Solomon unable to convince the audience and critics with this Tamil starrer film.

Site: TeluguCinema

Movie: Rail

Critics: Vishwanath V

Score: 2 rating/5

Evaluation: This romantic thriller goes on the wrong route. The movie is fully bunched up with some silly comedy sequences and some really cheap graphics. The director thought that bringing a purity of couples till movie climax will be enough to convince and hold the audience attention. Lastly, the film fails to show its magic and fails!

Site: Pycker

Mark: 2.3 by critics and 2.4 by user rating/ 5 [Bearable]

Users Analysis: Comedy Blocks found interesting, unable to design the love story in a proper way. The First half is passable whereas the second half is unbearable.
Drawback: Love Story has an improper script, illogical scenes, Climax ruins overall impression.

Rail / Thodari IMDb Rating: 64 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 7.0 / 10


  1. I seen worst movie in my lyfe..qhos that stuppid director..my suggetion is dont give the chance any produce to the this stuppid director


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