Most Profitable Movies of 2016-2017 [Best Films]


Here is the list of Most Profitable Movies of 2016 Year, this includes films with best profit ranking this year. The whole year of 2016 brought Sonam Kapoor starrer at highest position earning 260% profit followed by Salman Khan and then Amitabh Bachchan who recently acquires Top 3 position with Pink, while Akshay Kumar makes its position at Top 4 and 5 with two films in 2016.

Here we have calculated Profit Percentage:-

Budget (-) Lifetime Business Collection (=) Total Profit [Return of Investment- ROI]

Total Profit {Return of Investment} (*) 100 (=) Total Profit in % [ROI%]

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RankFilm’sReleaseBudgetLifetimeProfitROI in %
1Neerja19 Febरु21 Crरु75.61 Crरु54.61 Cr260%
2Sultan06 Julyरु90 Crरु300.45 Crरु210.45 Cr234%
3Pink16 Septरु21 Crरु68.00 Crरु47.00 Cr223.80%
4Airlift22 Janरु40 Crरु129.00 Crरु89.00 Cr222.50%
5Rustom12 Augरु40 Crरु127.42 Crरु87.00 Cr218.55%
6Baaghi29 Aprilरु38 Crरु76.00 Crरु38.00 Cr100%

So, these are the Total 6 Hindi Films of 2016 with minimum 100% profit deducting budget from total profit earned from box office counters = Total Profit