Premam 2nd Day Box Office Collection Hikes After 1st Day in AP+Nizam

Premam 2nd Day Box Office Collection [Saturday] rise after earning 2.39 crores on 1st Day from AP/T [Nizam + Andhra Pradesh]. The film earns 3.48 crores worldwide on opening day of Friday officially as per Andhra Box Office website. Taking Saturday business of Premam into account is shows a hike.

Premam 2nd Day Box Office Collection Hikes after 1st Day in AP/T

Here is the Area wise collection of Premam Telugu Movie:-

Premam 2nd Day Box Office Collection with net profit and gross income Area Wise Report:-

Occupancy rate in AP/T: 60-70% Approx.

Occupancy Worldwide: 45-55% Approx.

Karnataka Stood with decent mark

USA Collection of Premam on 1st day opened to superb response.  Thursday preview shows $ 74,219, Friday $ 134,819. Total income: $ 209,038 [Rs 1.39 cr].

This Telugu Movie becomes the biggest opener for Naga Chaitanya

The second day garnered a decent attention of public for the movie.

Area WiseFirst DaySecond Day
NizamNet: रु 85 Lakhs
Gross:रु 1.20 Cr
N: रु 1.05 Lakhs
G:रु 1.20 Cr
CededNet: रु 36 Lakhs
Gross:रु 55 Lakhs
N: रु 49 Lakhs
G:रु 1.20 Cr
VizagNet:रु 26 LakhsN:रु 31 Lakhs
EastNet:रु 21 LakhsN:रु 25 Lakhs
WestNet:रु 15 LakhsN:रु 19 Lakhs
KrishnaNet:रु 19 LakhsN:रु 24 Lakhs
GunturNet:रु 26 LakhsN:रु 30 Lakhs
NelloreNet:रु 11 LakhsN:रु 13 Lakhs
Only APGross:रु 1.65 CrGross:रु 1.96 Cr
A.P. + NizamNet:रु 2.39 Cr
Gross:रु 3.40 Cr
N:रु 2.91 Cr
G:रु 3.96 Cr
KarnatakaNet: रु 24 Lakhs
Gross:रु 55 Lakhs
N: रु 30 Lakhs
G:रु 69 Lakhs
USANet: रु 70 Lakhs
Gross:रु 1.40 Cr
N: रु 94 Lakhs
G:रु 1.88 Cr
Rest of WorldNet: रु 15 Lakhs
Gross:रु 35 Lakhs
N: रु 20 Lakhs
G:रु 50 Lakhs
WorldwideNet:रु 3.48 Cr
Gross:रु 5.70 Cr
N:रु 4.35 Lakhs
G:रु 6.91 Cr

Note: Day 2 Income are approx. and early estimates

Therefore, Premam total 2 days box office collection brought Rs 7.83 crore net worldwide & Rs 12.61 cr gross while two days Andhra Pradesh + Nizam net stands at Rs 5.30 Cr and gross at Rs 7.36 Cr.


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