PK vs Dangal vs Sultan vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Lifetime Box Office Collection Comparison

PK vs Dangal vs Sultan vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Lifetime Collection Comparison: Aamir Khan vs Salman Khan Box Office Movies, Top 4 All Time Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of All Time

Day Wise Lifetime Box Office Collection Comparision of PK vs Dangal vs Sultan vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Total Report claims that in List of Top 4 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of All Time, Aamir Khan starrer still leads the box office race earning highest all time income of Rs 340.80 crores but it seems like the already running movie of Aamir Khan itself Dangal will break this records soon in next some days.

Dangal has already raked a total profit of ₹ 170.49 crores overseas while 328.84 crores from India becoming second Highest Grosser of All Time beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan lifetime business of 320.34 crores.

Coming on to the positions, PK still stays at no. 1 but will soon drop to no. 2, Dangal grabs no. 2 spots, Bajrangi Bhaijaan falls to 3rd position while 2016 movie Sultan starring Salman Khan stands at the Top 4th position.

Also looking at worldwide Business, PK still holds itself to Top 1 spot and even in overseas it has earned highest income Rs 284.85 crores.

The list also denotes Aamir Khan vs Salman Khan Movies Collection and looking at this Box Office Analysis of India and worldwide, Aamir Khan leads the race in all terms while Salman Khan stands at 2nd position in terms of highest earnings.

PK vs Dangal vs Sultan vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Lifetime Day Wise Total Box Office Collection
Day WisePKDangalBajrangi
Day 126.6329.7827.2536.54
Day 230.3434.8236.6037.32
Day 338.4442.4138.7531.67
Day 421.2225.6927.0536.62
Day 519.3623.0921.4038.21
Day 619.5521.4618.0215.54
Day 727.5520.2915.5512.92
Week 1183.09197.54184.62208.82
Day 814.4818.5912.8010.82
Day 917.1623.0719.259.52
Day 1021.8532.0424.057.43
Day 1110.0813.459.3011.46
Day 129.1110.469.1015.18
Day 1414.
Day 156.856.664.113.42
Day 168.327.906.803.51
Day 1711.58**9.072.14
Day 184.42**2.753.81
Day 194.02**2.635.14
Day 203.46**2.451.30
Day 212.96**2.251.25
Day 221.82**1.451.15
Day 232.82**2.731.05
Day 244.01**3.510.57
Day 25****1.150.98
Day 26****1.021.51
Day 27****0.960.34
Day 28****0.910.36
Day 29-31****2.630.91
Day 32****0.380.49
Day 33****0.360.78
Day 34****0.330.16
Day 35****0.320.16
Day 36-42****1.560.39
Day 43-49****0.72**
India Net.340.80328.06320.34300.45

Seeing the day wise income table, the profit numbers in bold shows that following movie earned highest income of all time on that particular day when compared to other Bollywood films released so far.

Note: These are official report and further days income will be updated soon.

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  1. Saturday box office collection of dangal is about 10.80 crore please correct your figure.


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