Pindadaan Lifetime Day Wise Box Office Collection

Pindadaan Day Wise Box Office Collection So Far has earned extremely poor income at Maharashtra box office counters. Here are the Day wise collection of Marathi Movie “Pindadaan” which only stays for 2 weeks at box office. The film collected 50 lacs in first weekend and then it was unable to collects same type of income in weekdays. The film stars Siddharth ChandekarManava Naik made under the direction of Prashant Patil.

Marathi Movie “Pindadaan” Day Wise Box Office Collection So Far

Made in a total budget of 3.5 crores that movie faces a huge loss at box office and is unable to recover its invested income. Pindadaan collection in Week 1 mints 0.73 crores* and Week 2 Rs 29.85 lacs* resulting into low lifetime collection.

Sadly, movie is a clear flop movie at box office.

Here are the Day Wise Collection of “Pindadaan Marathi Movie”

Day WiseCollection
Friday14 lacs*
Saturday16 lacs*
Sunday19 lacs*
Monday8 lacs*
Tuesday6.5 lacs*
Wednesday5.5 lacs*
Thursday4.20 lacs*
Total Week 10.73 Crore*
Day 86 lacs*
Day 97 lacs*
Day 108.5 lacs*
Day 113.5 lacs*
Day 122.25 lacs*
Day 131.50 lacs*
Day 141.10 lacs*
2nd Week29.85 lacs*
Lifetime1.06 Crore*

Therefore, Pindadaan Lifetime Box Office Collection stands at an approx. income of Rs 1.06 crores*

Note: (*) means approx. income


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