Phobia Review & Rating [Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating]

Phobia Review & Rating [Review by Taran Adarsh and IMDB Rating] states that the movie has some new content in it. The film is able to attract and grabs the audience attention for sure resulting into bringing more number of audience to cinema theatres. The audience response and feedback is positive for this creepiest, spookiest and impressive movie.

Radhika Apte has done a brilliant work in this film playing a psychological character. She plays the lead role in the movie as Mehak. Even the script is written well playing an important role in grabbing audience attention. The reviews shared here are done are watching the premier show of movie shown a day before the release.

Phobia Review & Rating [Review by Taran Adarsh and IMDB Rating]

Phobia rating goes with a mark of 3.5 stars which is above average giving a chance for the movie to perform well at cinema theatres. It sure is scary but it’s a good,well made film

Phobia is engrossing, thrilling, spooky & topped by a brilliant, courageous performance by Radhika Apte. Good thrillers in Indian cinema are hard to come and this one is one of them.

Phobia reviews are better as expected but some of them gave it an average response as per their view. Let’s move on to the analysis of the movie:-

Positive Points [Plus, Optimist Feedback]-

  1. Fresh Content
  2. Well Scripted
  3. Story executed well
  4. Acting Performance stays Brilliant
  5. Background music impressive

Negative Points [Minus, Pessimist Feedback]

  1. Average Start
  2. Some scene found average
  3. Some loop holes

Acting Performance

Radhika Apte playing a psychological character as Mehak is able to impress audience and convincingly justifies the character as per story. She shows an amazing talent and is able to show her versatility in this character. Mark an outstanding acting performance in this Bollywood thriller film.

Phobia review by Taran Adarsh states that Radhika Apte is able to convince character and successfully impress as an agoraphobic as she is afraid to stay inside her home. Some scenes are outstanding where the actor is able to give you Goosebumps. The extensive research on her character is seen on screen. Phobia is super smart & super spooky, engaging thriller and has courageous performance. Make it your weekend watch! Will go with 3.5 star rating to this movie.

Made under the direction of Pawan Kripalani, the film….

“Phobia IMDB Rating goes with a mark of 7.6 star rating out of total 10 stars”

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