Partu, Cinderella, Bai Go Bai Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

Cinderella, Partu and Bai Go Bai all this 3 Marathi movies are facing a stiff competition at cinema theatres in terms of Box Office Collection. All these 3 films have received an average rating and reviews on the opening day. All this flicks have released on 4th of December 2015 together. So, the films instead of earning a good income at cinema box office counters they have been collecting a decent profit at cinema counters. Among all these 3 movies Partu is earning maximum income compared to Bai Go Bai and Cinderella. Let me share you the following Business reports of these movies:-

Cinderella Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

The movie released on 4th Dec 15 has received an average 2.5 star rating out of 5.

First Day- 80 lakhs

Second Day- 83.45 lakhs

Third Day- 88.23 lakhs

Fourth Day- 82 lakhs

Fifth Day- 69.02 lakhs

This is the first week income and the total lifetime income goes around Rs 10.50 crores

Partu Box Office Collection

The film goes with highest rating and reviews among this 3 films with an average 3 star rating out of 5.

First Day- 92.22 lakhs

Second Day- 94.67 lakhs

Third Day- 98.89 lakhs

Fourth Day- 88.44 lakhs

Fifth Day- 72.10 lakhs

This is the first five days profit and lifetime total profit mints to Rs 16-17 crores

Bai Go Bai Box Office Collection

This family drama has lots of entertainment with more of comedy elements in it and is running successfully at the cinema counters. The film released around 300-350 cinema theatres is earning well with this following income.

1st day (Friday):

2nd day (Saturday):

3rd day (Sunday):

4th day (Monday):

5th day (Tuesday):

After gathering this decent income, the film can mints upto 13-14 crores total lifetime collection.

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