Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq, Ishq Forever Box Office Prediction

Upcoming movies on 19th February 2016: Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq, Ishq Forever Box Office Prediction states that the current year 2016 seems to be one of the most complicated and important year for many of them as in every coming week there are at least two movies releasing together. This is most busy year so far and this Friday there are four movies releasing together at same time. Among all these four movies you would have noticed that (Neerja) is made on a real life story whereas other movies include romantic genre.

Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq, Ishq Forever Box Office Prediction

Firstly focusing on Neerja box office prediction would be positive as the movie has already generated some good curiosity among audience with good reviews on trailers. It is gaining more response on social media before release and even the Bollywood celebrities, other industry people are praising the because of good testimonials. The film with dramatic affairs is led by Sonam Kapoor as the only lead attracting audience would make a business of around Rs 4-5 crore (estimated) and is made in a budget of 25 crore.

Loveshhuda, the movie is releasing with same number of screens at multiplexes and single screen theatres. The box office would be Rs 2-3 crore as it is promoted well and even had some popular songs with fresh content as you will get to see Navneet Dhillon and Girish Kumar. The on screen pair is looking good at screen nad is expected to make a decent business.

Direct Ishq is a average budget film and will be released mainly at single screen theatres where you will get to see Rajniesh Duggall after a long time. Nidhi Subbaiah, Rajesh Shingarpure, Arjun Bijlani are other in the romantic comedy desi commercial film shot in Benaras. Movie has not created good buzz but is average evne with its promotion strategies but if its goes with good content is hope to earn some good profit figures. Prediction states around Rs 1.50-2.80 crores.

Ishq Forever box office income would be somewhat same lie Direct Ishq as the film has new stars in it. Krishna Chaturvedi and Ruhi Singh are two lead actors and the movie is expected with least earning among the four. As it has new stars and even the trailer is average with normal promotion level. If marketing would have been it would have more chances to grabs good income at box office. Movie estimated income Rs 1-2 crores.

On other side, Fitoor and Sanam Re are already running at theatres and as per this coming movies their screen count in this week would be decreased and among this four movies, the further days income depends upon their content level. The better will be the content, the better income will be generated at cinema theatres.