Natsamrat Lifetime Total Box Office Collection (Day Wise Collection)

Natsamrat lifetime total box office collection with Day Wise “Business report of 3, 4 & 5 weeks i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Week) total 1 month breaks all Marathi movie box office record. Before Nana Patekar, it was Ritesh Deshmukh who uses to take all big profit figures in Marathi industry but now Marathi man Nana Patekar has broken all Marathi film previous lifetime and opening days, weeks record. IBtimes claims that the movie the film grosses more than 10 crore in opening weekend in Mahasrashtra State. The film shows were almost full in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and other places of Mahasrashtra as the film was released in approximately 400 screens. The positive word of mouth took the film dominate tickets window that led marvellous profit figures at the box office.

Natsamrat Lifetime Total Box Office Collection

It was Ritesh Deshmukh “LaiBhaari” collected total ₹ 10.55 cr claims Taran Adarsh in 3 days (opening weekend) and now its Natsamrat 1st weekend collection gathering a net profit of Rs 14.40 crore in total 3 days claims Wikipedia.

Natsamrat 1st week box office collection stands Rs 19 crore as net profit in total 7 days as many says Wikpedia. Then coming on to the further day collection, this Marathi Nana Patekar starrer Natasamrat 10 days total collection rakes Rs 22 crores i.e. (US$3.2 million) till 2nd weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

According to, the movie after in the 4th week is still running at 190 theatres with 380 shows every day. The movie has raked maximum business from Pune and then Mumbai.

Now, the film Natsamrat collected Rs 30.33 crore in 14 days that is in 2 weeks whereas now coming till on 3rd week, its stands at 34.05 crore till 3rd week i.e. total 21 days.

It stands at ₹36 crore (US$ 5.15 million) till 4th week which is a proud moment for Marathi film industry claims Wikipedia. Finally, Natsamrat Lifetime Total 5 weeks box office collection in till 5th week it stands at “Rupees 38 crores”.

Going through other Marathi language movies:-

Duniyadari collected 26 crore as lifetime

Timepass lifetime collection 28 crores

Whereas its sequel, Timepass 2 total box office collection was 32 crore till it stayed at screens.

Ritesh Deshmukh’s Lai Bhaari earned 35 crore as lifetime.

Natsamrat Day Wise 5 Weeks Collection

Day WiseProfit Share (Cr)
1st DayRs 2.25 
2nd DayRs 5.50
3rd DayRs 6.65
4th DayRs 1.35*
5th DayRs 1.20*
6th DayRs 1.05*
7th DayRs 1.00*
Entire 1st WeekRs 19.00 crore
8th DayRs 0.80*
9th DayRs 0.98*
10th DayRs 1.22* (22 Cr)
11th DayRs 1.20*
12th DayRs 2.15*
13th DayRs 2.08*
14th DayRs 2.90*
Entire 2 WeeksRs 30.33 crore
15th DayRs 0.45*
16th DayRs 0.38*
17th DayRs 0.33*
18th DayRs 0.28*
19th DayRs 0.65*
20th DayRs 0.75*
21st DayRs 0.88*
3rd WeekRs 34.05 crore
4th WeekRs 36 crore
Entire 5 WeekRs 2 Crores*
LifetimeRs 38 Crores*

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