MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart Review & Rating, Story, Audience Response

MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart Review & Rating, Story and Audience Response are out after its opening shows. The film is premiered before release day and here is what we got. As per critics, this is the worst film than before but audiences are seen loving the movie.

MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart Review & Rating, Story, Audience Response

MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart Review:

Critics Feedback & Review: The movie goes with extreme poor feedback from Bollywood critics and other people who have the knowledge of movies. The film actors should learn acting firstly and then he should enter in the filmmaking. It’s amazing and really surprising that the movie Choreographer, Director, Editor, he has done all the work right down from DI Head, Make-up, Dialogue-writer and hair designer, background scorer, prop designer and much more.

Apart from playing three characters in the film, he has done all technical stuff himself. He is credited to 30 things and he is the luckiest person who got the first chance to play different roles..just joking. What’s there to say about the film, the trailer itself shows how worst the direction and acting is?

The VFX is not up to the standards level and it screens completely artificial of real life. Anyone can examine that film motions look artificial. For what reason the film is made god knows but it is hilarious to watch it.

Hats off to Dr. MSG for their efforts and

The scenes, story, dialogues, acting performance, direction, actions, expressions, music, lyrics, presentation, background score and everything else are like what to say, nothing to be commented. I hope you understand what I mean to say. They are actually wonderful. God! Help me, I am laughing out loud, haha!

See this masterpiece full of action drama entertainment, social message, and everything.

The movie has all sorts of entertainment factor like drama, message, selfless service, full action, humanity and much more. The film is a remarkable history. I am feeling like why this film has been made?

Some epic scenes:

After watching this scenes you will laugh out loud like anything:-

  1. Actor Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh throws the sword in the air and it falls right on his nose..haha. We can believe Rajinikanth throws Goggle in the air and it drops on his nose but this is really hilarious and feels like laughing out loud.
  2. With an arrow, Babaji destroys alien spaceships
  3. Hollywood can learn from MSG. Bollywood has no capacity
  4. What and epic dialogues
  5. All stunts are performed by himself #Respect

Great! Great! Great! really heart attacking movie.

Audience Review on MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart:

The film is an average movie and it seems like the movie should have released Internationally with more screens..haha

What a movie can never forget it!

I like the movie as I am huge fan of Babaji

Worst Movie. Why it has been made

Made on Humanity, love Babaji, aliens fighting are wonderful.

Overall, for audiences it goes with mix review as the people who actually have knowledge about the film feels as this is worst movie whereas the followers of this Babaji are like crazy and goes with positive word of mouth.

Rating: MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart Movie Rating goes with 0.5 stars [half star] out of total 5 from critics whereas audiences give 1.5/5

Story: The film is about a warrior played by Babaji who seeks to establish honor of people land and respect for the women’s in the society. The Lion Heart man travels in the historic times and merges the future with the past time. Rest of the story revolves around how he goes in the historic time to make better future by fighting the aliens and other people to save’s common villager’s life.

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Watch its Theatrical Trailer:-

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