Marathi Box Office 2018-16 Hit/Flop, मराठी Movies Collection, Film Budget

All Marathi Movies Box Office Collection 2018-2017-2016 Hits and Flops Films. Also, Marathi Films Total Budget, Worldwide Report and Records. (मराठी चित्रपट बॉक्स ऑफिस कलेक्शन) Marywood List, Release Date, Overall Budget, Lifetime Business and Final Verdict: First and foremost, reviewing 2018 Marywood flicks business, many of them were able to showcase excellent performance. Another, they earned big box office income all due to gripping content in their stories. In addition, an amazing hike is seen in Marathi regional films with good content. Most noteworthy, after Sairat, many films have started releasing worldwide.

Latest Update 2018 for October, November and December Month: Previously, Bucket List starring Madhuri Dixit brought decent income. See Madhuri Dixit Hit or Flop Movies List. Furthermore, Boyz 2 on 5 Oct marks an amazing business in India earning 500 percent of budget. Yes, with 2.5 crores investment, it brings around 15 crores turnover. While the second blockbuster was Shubh Lagna Savdhaan. Thirdly, Naal released on 16 November 2018, had an increament in screen counts to 450 across India due to tremendous appreciation. It grabs 14 crores from 1st Week while 4.50 crores in 2nd Weekend i.e. 10 days. Well, further business brought 3.20 crores, totalling to 21.70 crores from 3.00 crores budget. This emerges as biggest blockbuster of 2018. According to sources, this flick mints in 6.30 crores from overseas countries, that takes worldwide business of Naal to 28.00 crores.

Marathi Movies Box Office Collection 2018 Hits and Flops

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Here is the Business Report: मराठी चित्रपट बॉक्स ऑफिस कलेक्शन

मराठी बॉक्स ऑफिस 2018 चित्रपट कलेक्शन
Ye Re Ye Re Paisa5 Jan2.50 CrNANA
Barayan12 Jan3.40 Cr2.0 CrSemi-Avg
Hostel Days12 JanNANANA
Lagna Mubarak19 Jan1.22 Cr1.0 CrAverage
Chithi19 Jan2.10NANA
Yuntum2 Feb3.5 Cr3.0 CrAverage
Aapla Manus9 Feb25 Cr3.2 CrHit
Gulabjaam16 Feb5.23 Cr2.1 CrAbv-Avg
Prabho Shivaji Raje16 FebNA3.1 CrNA
Angai Geeth16 FebNA1.7 CrNA
Aamhi Doghi23 FebNA3.0 CrNA
What’s Up Lagna16 Mar4.80 CrNANA
Baban23 Mar8.50 Cr3.0 CrAbv-Avg
Gavthi30 Mar3.50 CrNAFlop
Asehi Ekada Vhave6 Apr1.25 Cr1.50 CrFlop
Shikari20 Apr2.10 Cr1.00 CrAverage
Nude27 Apr60 Lakhs50L-1 CrFlop
Cycle4 May40 Lakhs50L-1 CrFlop
Lagna Mubarak11 May60 Lakhs1.00 CrFlop
Ranangan11 May1.50 Cr1.00 CrAverage
Mahasatta 203511 MayNANANA
Wagherya18 May2.20 Cr1.50 CrAverage
Radu18 MayNANANA
Bucket List25 May5.10 Cr2.00 CrHit
Sobat25 MayNANANA
Maska1 June1.10 Cr1.00 CrBel-Avg
Ziprya22 June5.00 Cr3.5 Cr*Abv-Avg
Dry Day13 JulFlop
Boyz 25 Oct15.50 Cr2.5 CrBlock-buster
Once More12 OctNANANA
Shubh Lagna
12 Oct8.50 Cr*3.0 CrBlock-buster
Ek Sangaychay18 OctNANAFlop
Hridayi Vasant Phulatana26 OctNANAFlop
Gat-Mat16 NovNANAAverage
Naal16 Nov18.50 Cr
-10 Days
3.0 CrBlock-buster
Lucky7 Dec
Mumbai Pune
Mumbai 3
7 Dec
Vitthala Vitthala7 Dec
Aaron7 Dec
Tu Tithe Asave7 Dec
Mauli14 Dec

Considering Biggest Earning Films in this industry, “Sairat” is the one to make Highest Business in Marywood. Well, it has earned more than 1000 percent profit. Made with 50 lakhs budget, it was sold to Zee Production at Rs 4 crores. Post-release, it made 2500% profit from lifetime run. That is, making 110 crores worldwide gross income. Most noteworthy, visit to see Sairat Day Wise Lifetime Worldwide Final Collection.

Another, Natsamrat was the second highest grossing film. Next, have a look at the current year business records above.

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मराठी Films Box Office 2017 Hits or Flops

Marywood 2017 Hits and Flops
Baban29 Dec
Deva22 Dec
Happy Birthday24 Nov
Dashakriya17 Nov
Thank You Vitthala3 Nov
Faster Fene27 Oct27 Cr6.0 Cr
Bhishishi Aishi Taishi6 Nov
The Silence6 Nov4.5 Cr5.3 Cr
Halal6 Nov
Kaasav6 Nov
Vitthala Shappath15 Sept
Anaan22 Sept
Nadi Vahate22 Sept
Boyz8 Sept
Kaccha Limbu11 Aug
Mala Kahich Problem Nahi11 Aug
Bhikari4 Aug2.00 Cr
Undga4 Aug
Bhetali Tu Punha28 July
Shentimental28 July2-2.50 Cr1 Cr
Lapachhapi14 July
Bus Stop21 July
Hrudayantar7 July15-16 Cr*5 Cr
Ringan30 Jun
Itemgiri9 June2.2-3 Cr*NA
Zari9 June
FU: Friendship Unlimited2 June11.54 Cr*7 Cr
Muramba2 June
Dhondi2 June
Karaar26 May3-3.5 Cr*
Chi Va Chi Sau Ka19 May6 Cr
Talav10 Mar2.01 Cr0.70 Cr
Prem Namaha3 Mar20 Lacs50-95 L
Ranjan17 Feb50 Lacs50-95 L
Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor17 Feb50 Lacs50-90 L
Dhyanimani10 Feb4-4.2 Cr3-3.5 Cr
Fugay10 Feb5.80 Cr2.00 Cr
Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar3 Feb4.00 Cr2.50 Cr
Ti Sadhya Kay Karte6 Jan22.54 Cr2.50 Cr
Zala Bobhata6 Jan2.01 Cr0.70 Cr

मराठी Films Box Office 2017 Hits or Flops

Marywood 2016 Hits and Flops
Natsamrat1 Jan48 Cr7 Cr
Lord Of Shingnapur1 Jan0.80 Cr90 Lacs
Friends1 Jan4.09 Cr2 Cr
Shasan15 Jan2.50 Cr90 Lacs
702 Dixit’s15 Jan1.20 Cr90 Lacs
Chiranjeev15 Jan1.34 Cr80 Lacs
Guru22 Jan10.00 Cr4 Cr
Bandh Nylon Che29 Jan4.98 Cr2 Cr
Athang29 Jan1.54 Cr1.2 Cr
Prem Kahani29 Jan0.74 Cr90 Lacs
Marathi Tigers5 Feb1.34 Cr89 Lacs
Mumbai Time5 Feb1.23 Cr90 Lacs
Police Line5 Feb3.54 Cr1 Cr
Poshter Girl12 Feb7.90 Cr4 Cr
Shinma Yeda12 Feb1.5-2 Cr90 Lacs
Mr. and Mrs.
19 Feb3.90 Cr2 Cr
7, Roshan Villa19 Feb2.80 Cr2 Cr
19 Feb0.43 CrNA
Ticha Umbartha26 Feb2.02 Cr2 Cr
Babanchi Shala26 Feb2.45 Cr3 Cr
Sarpanch Bhagirath4 Mar0.50 CrNA
Phuntroo11 Mar7.02 Cr6 Cr
Anuraag11 Mar4.99 Cr3.5 Cr
Pinjra18 MarNANA
Rangaa Patangaa1 April3.20 Cr92 Lacs
Vrundavan8 April4.20 Cr2 Cr
Bho Bho22 April2.20 Cr1 Cr
Sairat29 April110 Cr4 Cr
Paisa Paisa20 May1.01 Cr80 Lac
Majha Naav Shivaji27 MayNANA
Laal Ishq27 May7.40 Cr5-6 Cr
Lalbaugchi Rani3 June1.22 Cr2 Cr
Youth3 June0.68 Cr1.5 Cr
One Way Ticket10 June2 Cr5-7 Cr
20 Mhanje 2010 Jun1.04 Cr1 Cr
Cheater10 Jun1.60 Cr2.5 Cr
Bernie17 Jun2.58 Cr80 Lacs
Pindadaan17 Jun1.91 Cr*NA
Barad17 Jun1.02 Cr2 Cr
Ganvesh24 Jun2.58 Cr80 Lacs
Ekk Albela24 Jun3.29 Cr2.5 Cr
Babachi Kahani
24 Jun80 Lac90 Lacs
Astu-So Be it15 July1.80 CrNA
Kiran Kulkarni
vs Kiran Kulkarni
15 July2.10 CrNA
Half Ticket22 July2.32 Cr2 Cr
And Jara Hatke22 July1.79 Cr4 Cr
Lost and Found29 July1.53 CrNA
12345 Aug0.62NA
Disco Sannya5 Aug1.50 Cr1.75 Cr
Autograph12 AugNANA
YZ12 Aug4.43 Cr3.5 Cr
Chaurya19 Aug1.20 CrNA
Toh Aani Mee
Ek Runanubandh
19 AugNANA
Kanha26 Aug4.58 Cr4 Cr
Yaari Dosti26 Aug0.32 Cr0.50-1
Photocopy16 Sept2.35 Cr1.90 Cr
One Way Ticket23 Sept1.03 Cr5-7 Cr
Mr & Mrs Unwanted23 SeptNANA
A Dot Com Mom30 Sept0.53 CrNA
Jaundya Na Balasaheb7 Oct2.35 Cr2 Cr
Family Katta7 Oct2.01 Cr1.75 Cr
Ghantaa14 Oct0.91 Cr1.50 Cr
Nivdung21 Oct0.38 Cr67 Lacs
Jalsa21 Oct0.94 Cr80 Lacs
Kaul Manacha21 Oct1.68 Cr90 Lacs
Ventilator4 Nov25.80 Cr8 Cr
Vazandar11 Nov4.50 Cr5 Cr
Adhiveshan Ek Sahal
9 Dec0.23 CrNA

Top 10 Highest Grossing Marathi Films of All Time

Lastly, here are all the films detail report and records:

  1. Sairat: (110 Crores) Film starring Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru in lead made by Nagraj Manjule has previously directed “Fandry”. Sairat in total 6 weeks [42 days] grabbed 85.92 crores from 525 screens theatres of Maharashtra. Sairat worldwide collection raked a total revenue of Rs 110 crore. Comparing with Bollywood Movies, Sairat breaks SRK “Fan” lifetime collection of Rs 84.10 crores. It is also heard that it is having a remake in the Hindi Language made under the direction of Karan Johar.
    2. Natsamrat: (48 Crores) Released in January last year, holds a second biggest position in this list. The flick has made a lifetime turnover of 48 crores which has a budget of 7 crores collecting 600% profit percentage.
    3. Lai Bhaari: (40 Crores)
    4. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali: (40 Crores)
    5. Timepass 2: (40 Crores)
    6. Timepass: (33 Crores)
    7. Duniyadari: (32 Crores)
    8. Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy: (25.50 Crores)
    9. Ventilator: (25 Crores) The flick grabs Top 9 position is Ventilator which made 25.80 Crores.
    10. Ti Sadhya Kay Karte: (22.54 Crores) This film grabs Highest 10th position in Top 10 List, earning 22.54 crores from its lifetime run.

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