Marathi Movie Box Office Collection 2016-17 [Top Highest Gross]

Marathi Movie Box Office Collection 2016 (Top Highest Grosser)

List of all Marathi Movies Total Box Office Collection 2016-2017 Report with List of Upcoming Marathi Movies 16-17 Release date, Budget & Total Profit:-

Among all Marathi movies 2016 collection so far Sairat stays at first position with Rs 125 cr and followed by Natsamrat. Looking at the business report, many movies are seen gathering low profit than the budget amount and some are seen accumulating more profit than invested amount.

After Natsamrat, Sairat is another movie of 2016 year which has surpasses the lifetime collections of Marathi movies. The movie is performing outstandingly at cinema counters in Maharashtra and earning more than Rs 80 crores only from Maharashtra state which unbelievable and amazing.


List of all Marathi Movies Total Box Office Collection 2016-2017 Report

Marathi Movies Release
B.O.C Budget
Natsamrat 1st Jan 48 Cr 7 Cr
Lord Of Shingnapur 1st Jan 0.80 Cr 90 Lac
Friends 1st Jan 4.09 Cr 2 Cr
Shasan 15th Jan 2.50 Cr 90 Lac
702 Dixit’s 15th Jan 1.20 Cr 90 Lac
Chiranjeev 15th Jan 1.34 Cr 80 Lac
Guru 22nd Jan 9.20 Cr 4 Cr
Bandh Nylon Che 29th Jan 4.98 Cr 2 Cr
Athang 29th Jan 1.54 Cr 1.2 Cr
Prem Kahani 29th Jan 0.74 Cr 90 Lac
Marathi Tigers 5th Feb 1.34 Cr 89 Lac
Mumbai Time 5th Feb 1.23 Cr 90 Lac
Police Line 5th Feb 3.54 Cr 1 Cr
Poshter Girl 12th Feb 7.90 Cr 4 Cr
Shinma Yeda 12th Feb 1.5-2 Cr 90 Lac
Mr. and Mrs.
19th Feb 3.90 Cr 2 Cr
7, Roshan Villa 19th Feb 2.80 Cr 2 Cr
19th Feb 0.43 Cr NA
Ticha Umbartha 26th Feb 2.02 Cr 2 Cr
Babanchi Shala 26th Feb 2.45 Cr 3 Cr
Sarpanch Bhagirath 4th Mar 0.50 Cr NA
Phuntroo 11th Mar 7.02 Cr 6 Cr
Anuraag 11th Mar 4.99 Cr 3.5 Cr
Pinjra 18th Mar NA NA
Rangaa Patangaa 1st April 3.20 Cr 92 Lac
Ghantaa 1st April NA  NA
Vrundavan 8th April 4.20 Cr 2 Cr
Bho Bho 22nd April 2.20 Cr 1 Cr
Sairat 29th April 125 Cr
4 Cr
Paisa Paisa 20th May 1.01 Cr 80 Lac
Majha Naav Shivaji 27th May NA NA
Laal Ishq 27th May 7.10 Cr 5-6 Cr
Lalbaugchi Rani 3rd June 1.22 Cr 2 Cr
Youth 3rd June 0.68 Cr 1.5 Cr
One Way Ticket 10th June NA NA
20 Mhanje 20 10th June 1.04 Cr 1 Cr
Cheater 10th June 1.60 Cr 2.5 Cr
Madhu Ithe An
Chandra Tithe
12th June NA NA
Bernie 17th June 2.58 Cr 80 Lac
Pindadaan 17th June 1.90 Cr 3.5 Lac
Barad 17th June 1.02 Cr 2 Cr
Ganvesh 24th June 2.58 Cr 80 Lac
Ekk Albela 24th June 3.29 Cr 2.5 Cr
Babachi Kahani
24th June 80 Lac 90 Lac
Made in
1st July NA NA
Yaaro Ki Yaari 1st July NA NA
Astu 15th July 1.80 Cr NA
Kiran Kulkarni
vs Kiran Kulkarni
15th July 2.10 Cr NA
Half Ticket 22nd July 2.32 Cr 2 Cr
And Jara Hatke 22nd July 1.79 Cr 4 Cr
Lost and Found 29th July 1.53 Cr NA
35% Kathavar Pass 29th July NA NA
1234 5th Aug 0.62 NA
Disco Sannya 5th Aug 1.50 Cr 1.75 Cr
Taleem 5th Aug NA NA
Autograph 12th Aug NA NA
YZ 12th Aug 4.43 Cr 3.5 Cr
Chaurya 19th Aug 1.2 Cr NA
Toh Aani Mee
Ek Runanubandh
19th Aug NA NA
Kanha 26th Aug 4.58 Cr 4 Cr
I Am Not Slumdog
I Am Indian
26th Aug NA NA
Aata Majhi Hatli 2nd Sept NA NA
Faqt Tujhyach Sathi 2nd Sept NA NA
Photocop 16th Sept NA NA
One Way Ticket 23rd Sept NA NA
Mr & Mrs Unwanted 23rd Sept NA NA
A Dot Com Mom 30th Sept NA NA
Jaundya Na
7th Oct NA NA
Family Katta 7th Oct NA NA
Ghantaa 14th Oct NA NA
Jalsa 12st Oct NA NA
Kaul Manacha 21st Oct NA NA
Sur Sapata 1st Nov NA NA
Wangaal Dec NA NA

Note: This are the official income shared from reliable sources. The income will be updated monthly and weekly of ever movie and star mark means the movies are running and still counting its box office collection.

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Lead by Nana Patekar earns maximum collections of 48 crore till its stayed at cinema counters. This film was made in a budget of 7 crore and has collected 700% profit compared to its budget. The third movie which stays at the 3rd position is Guru collecting 9.20 crore from 4 crore budget that means 200%+ profit. At fourth position, Poshter Girl earns Rs 7.80 crore continued by Phuntroo earning Rs 6.50 crore and is still running at box office. The sci-fi movie is said to release in overseas market i.e. USA country in total 19 shows.


The movie is out of screen with a total turnover from worldwide market including India, overseas goes with a fantastic profit of Rs 125 Crores.

Previous Report: Sairat after completing total 6 weeks and more 4 days i.e. total 42 days at box office counters collecting Rs 85.92 crore approx. from 525 screens theatres in Maharashta. This movie is made in a total budget of Rs 50 lakhs and then sold to Zee production in whooping price of Rs 4 crore. The film after release has earned more than 3000% profit till now which is never earned by any other Hindi or Marathi language film. Sairat is one of the most successful movie of Marathi Film industry. This movie records are very difficult to break as no other Marathi movie is even near to it half collection of 62 cr. The film stars Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru in lead and is made under the direction of director previous movie “Fandry” of Mr.  Nagraj Manjule.

Sairat worldwide box office collection raked a total revenue of Rs 125 crore approx. Read: Sairat breaks Shahrukh Khan Movie Fan all time India collection of Rs 84.10 crore and many other Bollywood Movies Business.

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Other all is continued by Police Giri, Mumbai Time, Marathi tigers, Prem Kahani, Athang and mang other. Below is the list of Marathi movies with their total box office collection till now.