Marathi Movie: Family Katta Review & Rating, Story, Audience Response

( फॅमिली कट्टा ) Marathi Movie: Family Katta Review & Rating, Story, Audience Response comes out with a positive mark. This Marathi starrer goes with 3.5-star rating released on 7th October 2016. The movie is led by Vandana Gupte, Dilip Prabhavalkar, and Sai Tamhankar made under the direction of Chandrakant Kulkarni.

Marathi Movie: Family Katta Review & Rating, Story, Audience Response

The movie is the need of the hour, we Indian audiences deserve the right family and this is not bounded by any old ideas. The film is all about being together and react sensitively even after our differences & personal spaces.

Our Family Katta review states that the film first half works better than the post-intermission part. The climax smoothens things at last.

Story: Madhukar (Prabhavalkar) and Malati (Gupte) gets married and has four kids among which 3 of them lives with their own families. The brothers are not in contact with each other and finally their parents make a plan for a get-together on their 50th wedding anniversary to release their differences. At the event, the plan seems working in the start but later on something threatens this grand union.

The whole film revolves around a single location and this Family Katta origin as a play. Mahesh Limaye’s cinematography of Mahesh Limaye and the overall directorial treatment is seen engaging till the end.

The first half shows the previous day’s action while the second half is seen a bit low. The rest of the story revolves around whether the family comes together at last or not. How they cope up with one another.

At last, I will recommend Family Katta for its strong emotional core. The Family will make you rethink the relationship which not are further in your life.

Family Katta Rating by Top Websites

Site: Maharashtra times goes with 3.5/5

Site: Pune Mirror 3/5

Site: Marathi stars 3.5/5 rating

Overall the film is interesting and engaging for the audiences and you should go for it.

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