Mahi NRI Punjabi Movie Review and Rating

The 2017 Pollywood/Punjabi Film Mahi NRI Review and Ratings comes up on a positive mark from audiences, critics, IMDb Ratings are decent as well. The film stars Hardy Sandhu, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Poppy Jabbal, Navneet Nishan, Anjum Batra, Anjan Sehgal, Gopi Bhalia and B.N. Sharma in important roles. It is made under the direction of Gaurav Bhavdankar.

Mahi NRI Punjabi Movie Review and Rating

The audiences looking first-day first show gives a positive response in the interval time. Along with good reactions received in the intermission time, the story line is revealed priorly. This Pollywood film is a comedy drama which revolves around a life of a student who is new to England country. It revolves around Sherry who goes to England for convincing her girlfriend mother who lives with a thought process that only a Britain boy will be a perfect match for her daughter, who can keep her happy throughout her life. Now, how he convinces her mother and through what ups and downs he need to go forms rest of the story.

“Mahi NRI IMDb Rating 7.5 stars out of 10 Ratings [Est.]”

Plus/Positive Marks

  • Classy Direction
  • Music helps in entertaining audiences
  • Impressive Acting Performances of all actors
  • Good Comedy Timings
  • Script is decent
  • Screenplays are written in a very good way
  • Good First Half
  • Cinematography is Good

Negative/Minus Marks-

  • Editing of the film could have been better
  • Second Half stays average
  • Some Loop Holes

Final verdict-

Definitely, you should go for this movie as it has the power you entertain you for next 2-2.30 hours. Good sense of comedy and entertaining songs with decent story line makes it a watchable one.


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