Loafer Total 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection (1st weekend Box office, 6th, 7th Day)

Loafer Total 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection including 1st Week business report of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Day reports states that the Telugu movie release at 800 cinema halls around the globe earns a first four days collection of 7.55 crores. Loafer registers decent response as per Wednesday International market reports of Opening day. According Ibtimes.com, Loafer has collected approximately 7+ crore gross income at Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state in this week till now.

Loafer Total 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection (1st weekend Box office, 6th, 7th Day)

As per Box Office Updates, the film first day collection goes Nizam 1.2 cr, Ceded 50 Lacs, UA 36.5 Lacs, East 38 Lacs, West 23 Lacs, Krishna 25 Lacs, Guntur 39 Lacs  and Nellore 18 Lacs * which goes to a total 1st day income to 3.49 crores.

Second day income gross to 1.5 crores

The third day business goes high because of weekend Sunday. It earns a 3rd day income mints 2.56 crore. The action-romantic movie receives 4 star rating from public whereas get 2.5 star rating from critics review.

Coming on to the first Weekend Business Report, it gathers…

Nizam 2.56Crore, Ceded 1.25 Cr, UA 92 Lacs, East 72 Lacs, West 53 Lacs, Krishna 55 Lacs, Guntur 72 Lacs, Nellore 29 Lacs (Total 4 days 7.55 Crore)

Now, the Andhra Pradesh / Nizam – 7.55Cr, Karnataka 55 Lacs and Overseas business of USA + ROI 35 lacs goes to Loafer Worldwide Total income 8.45 crore

Film 5th day profit drops down and assorts 1.2 crores, 6th day revenue goes to 1.05 crore and the last 7th day collection mints 0.9 crore.

Total 7 days Income

Total 4 days: 7.55 crore

Fifth day: 1.2 crore

Sixth day: 1.05 crore

Seventh day: 0.9 approx {Estimated}

1st Week Total Business: 11.15 crore

Puri Jagannath’s movie has attracted huge number of audience and received brilliant response at the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state. The commercial filmmaker Puri Jagannath is again able to create its magic. It is made in a budget of 25 crore and according Wikipedia it gathers 30 crore in total 4 days.