Kapoor & Sons Box Office Collection Predictions

[Taran Adarsh estimated KamaiKapoor and Sons Box Office Collection Predictions sates that the movie with some good level of promotion is hitting the cinema theatres tomorrow. Karan Johar film is using contained strategy which resulted in spreading the movie everywhere in Bollywood and on every media channel.

Box Office Collection Predictions of Kapoor & Sons

कपूर एंड सन्स movie led by Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan has made good strategy in promoting the film and has created the buzz to such an extent that all moviegoers are aware about this new release that have been announced well at all platforms of promotion. Even the movie song “Kar Gayi Chull” is hitting and trending as one of the top chartbuster song.

The film has attracted most of the youth and is seen with some positive sign on opening day. All the actors are known faces so the audience coming at theatres will be triple time as fans of Sidharth and Alia will be seen much in India and fans of Fawad Khan will help the film to collect more business from Pakistan.

The movie is expected to open at box office with decent numbers at around 40-50% occupancy rate of audiences because of good promotion level strategy. The film will be grossing more business at multiplexes especially in major cities.

The plus point for this film is it has no competition with any other films as this is the only big budget film releasing at cinema theatres. This romantic comedy-drama film if directed well and will receive good reviews and rating then the chances for earning more revenue will be definitely increased as no other films is competing with this. This means that the movie has great chances to perform at cinemas because audience don’t have any other choice to go to this romantic drama?

If the film content works on opening day and the movie tends to spread positive word of mouth then it has huge chances to even accumulated good profit numbers in weekdays as well.

There are three other competitive movies releasing with this film but are not expected to released on good level except a few screens in city. Cute Kameena, Dare You and Mumbai Central are the films which are predicted to make below 20 lakhs business collection.