Kabali 10th Day Collection, Kabali 10 Days Total Box Office Collection

Kabali 10th Day Collection brings Kabali’s 10 Days Total Box Office Collection/ 2nd Weekend/ 2nd Sunday near to 200 crore net profit mark. Rajinikanth stardom always work for his film resulting to collecting huge box office numbers especially in South Indian parts. The movie not only created huge hype in the minds of moviegoers but also collected excellent profit in overseas and domestic regions as well. This is a Tamil movie which is released even in Telugu and Hindi version for his other fans which adds some more income to its account.

The film occupancy of 2nd Sunday is seen huge like its initial days. The film is seen again with good rise in its business on 2nd Sunday takings its grand total extremely near to 2 billion profit solely in India.

Kabali 10th Day Box Office Collection / 2nd Sunday

Kabali hits the screen on 22nd of July 2016 and is smashing Indian box office records with its amazing collection day wise. The movie scores biggest ever opening in Tamil Cinemas. The movie breaks “I” movie records of Week 1 but surprisingly it is a Hat-trick failure for Rajinikanth in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions.

In Worldwide collection of India plus Overseas market, Kabali beats Dhoom3 movie collection to become All-time No.1 Opening weekend topper.

Coming on to the 10th day/ 2nd Sunday collection of Kabali, the movie attract around 80% of audience at cinema theatres which brings the unexpected amount in its grand total till now.

Kabali 10th Day Box Office Collection maintaining its pace at theatres brings amazing revenue of Rs 16.25 crores from all over Indian country which takes its total income at these following figures.

Kabali 10 Days Total Box Office Collection

Therefore, Kabali 10 days total collection brings its grand business at Rs 193.48 crores on second Sunday which states that the film tomorrow on weekday will cross 200 crore mark for sure in India. The movie even brings good profit from overseas market and took worldwide profit with an approximate amount of Rs 280 crore net.

Also, Kabali will officially cross Robo Worldwide collection share of Rs 160 crores and become highest Tamil grosser & 2nd highest in South movie after Baahubali.


  1. SULTAN collected 208.82 and Kabadi or whatever it is collected 193.48 in 10 and people ask who is the real superstar??? That is so much bullshit. Salman is the ultimate superstar of not only India but entire globe.

  2. Rajini is a real super star. Sulman is not good attitude. And he insult women’s.the good actor should be get good attitude and respect women’s. Money not a matter.

  3. Mr.dhiresh iTs kabali not whatever ..Rajni sir whole world respect you..Salman the man with bullshit word.he is not superstar he only a actor that’s it

  4. You Dhiresh , Go and ask your salman khan himself who is the ultimate superstar and he will let you know…Rajini Sir is not just a onscreen hero but also a hero offscreen which salman is not. so better know the truth and then comment!!!
    Note: i am also a salman fan but a Rajini Devotee!!!!

  5. salman itself said while pre production of sultan that, rajini is the only super star for india and the sultan collected 208C in 15days..

  6. Just type superstar in Google from any location (from India or from any where in the world).. you will get the answer… do not waste your time to click enter or search option…just complete the word superstar.. answer will come.. after the space

  7. At this age also competing with young stars and still he proving rajini is the real super star and surprisingly many doesn’t know kabali pre release advertisement and satellite sales alone cross 225 crores.

  8. Rajini is the superstar of globe make huge box office collection with one regional language.. now it crossed more than Rs.250 crores.. This is the only Indian movie grossed Rs 200 crores before releasing the movie by TV rights, corporate tie up, audio rights, etc..He is DON of Indian cinema….Great & Humble… Proud super star…he will not claim him as super star but people will… People super star is Rajini… untouchable

  9. are woh burbak dhiresh rajni released non regular holiday and not get 5 days weak most important not released all part in india beta ab soch power kisme hai agar tum woh 5 din movie se nikal do to pata chleaga uski kitni dam hai. 100 crore bhi earn nhi kar paya aur to aur koi badi movie bhi nahi thi till 29 july. isliye khan fan shant baitho. now support hrthik,ranveer ranbir barun ok.

  10. What is the doubt in it . Rajini is real super .

  11. very true… Kabali collections are manipulated. someone posted that kabali collected 650 crores world wide ..ha ha ha what a joke
    Actual collection of Kabali is somewhere around 170 crores net and it seems that it will not even touch 200 crores forget about beating SULTAN

  12. Salman is the best as rajini rajini ko 200cr kamane mai 14 days lage hai and sultan ne 200cr sirf 7 days maibkamaliya

  13. @diresh if u and your family and salman licks rajnis foot also u cannot reach the level were rajni sir . Betta stop comparing. R else ul be scwred by rajni mania!!!!!samja bachooooo

  14. Thalaivar is always mass….Love u loads Thalaivaaaaa…..NERUPPPUUUU DAAAAA…no one can be compared with you….

  15. hey guys y u compare rajni with salman, he is good actor but there is a super starrrrrrrrrr……rajni

  16. Hello asif the blog which allowed u to type against the gr8 rajni it’s a big offence..where is sulthan..its rajani Sirs foot..u cannot bcom a dust also of our rajni sirs foot..now also salman has a chance to go jail..rajani sir can give bail to him..he he.. Go go..think nd talk..

  17. According to the producer of kabali actually collection is about 250 crore all over world with 12000 theatre but sultans total collection is about 280 crore thefore KABALI=1/4 Sultan. Common reply DAaaaaaaa NIRUPPUDAAAAAAAA

  18. Rajni is a domestic super star.there is no doubt but salman,shahrukh and amir are the stars who are the world super star

  19. Salman Khan got fat body..not looking good and not good human…..but taking is perfect in both..so we call him as a world super star…south stars always look in manly

  20. At the age of 66 the so called Khans will automatically move away from the lime light.RAJINI IS ALWAYS THE RAJINI unless he himself opted to move.

  21. Rajini the one and only superstar…. Whatever you people may say but this fact ont change… Better luck next time Bollywood fans

  22. Abe chutiyo ki paidaish bas aapas m late raho Rajinikanth or Salman Khan apne profit m s share Dete hai Kya?
    Sale cuuuuuutuye nahi ke

  23. bhai jo bhi rajni kant is rajni kant but iski tulna (caparision) sultan se means
    salman khan se mat kariye quki rajni kant god of film industries
    salman khan great human being aap ko pata nahin salman aapne 1 kamai hissa donate karte hai aap jab salman khan ke baare jano ge tho aap unke fan ho jayenge

  24. aap unki respect karo ge
    insaan agar galti nahin karta tho wo god hota
    insaan galtI yo ka putla hai galti tho insaan se hi hoti hai salman khan ne bhi kuch galti hui hai tho wo aachha nahi hai kya


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