Kaabil Economics: Budget, ROI, Profit, Right Sold, Earnings, Cost of Production, Prints & Advertising, Music & Theatrical Right Sold Calculation, India & Overseas Box Office

Looking at the Kaabil Movie Economics, its Budget and Return on Investment [ROI] Profit Percentage shows huge revenue as it collects huge collections from selling its Theatrical, Music and other Movie Rights whereas even the cost in which this Hrithik Roshan film is low.

Kaabil Economics: Budget, ROI, Profit, Right Sold, Earnings, Cost Calculation

Released on 25th January 2017 before Republic Day, the film made decent 10.43 Crores on opening day but later on, it has earned a low profit because of huge competition with Raees. Currently, looking at its box office report shows that it is earning better than Raees Movie all because of its positive and strong word of mouth.

Kaabil is made in a total budget of 50 Crores that includes 15 Crores expense of Print & Publicity and 35 Crores as Cost of Production. Now, considering its box office profit from India it made 126.85 crores till now.

The surprising news is, it has earned Rs 120 Crores from selling its India Theatrical Rights, Overseas, Satellite, Merchandising, Licensing, Music, Digital and Ancillary rights.

Kaabil Economics & Profit Calculation
+ Cost of ProductionRs 35 Crores
+ Cost of Print & AdvertisingRs 15 Crores
= Total BudgetRs 50 Crores
India Box OfficeRs 126.85 Crores
Overseas Box OfficeRs 30 Crores
A: India Theatrical RightsRs 50 Crores
B: Satellite RightsRs 45 Crores
C: Overseas Theatrical RightsRs 15 Crores
D: Merchandising,
Digital, Licensing
Music & Ancillary Rights
Rs 10 Crores
Total Recovered [A+B+C=D]Rs 120 Crores
Pure Profit [Recover-Budget]Rs 70 Cr
Return On Investment140%


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