Jagga Jasoos Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Rajeev Masand, KRK, Komal Nahta and Audiences Response

Jagga Jasoos Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Rajeev Masand, KRK, Komal Nahta and Audiences Response

Jagga Jasoos Review in one line by MBOC: Well craft Story Line with Entertaining sequences, Terrific, Cinematography, Rocking songs, Appealing Music, Beautiful Visuals, plus this Emotional Spy Story brings out the film with 3.5 stars. Fantastic Performance by Ranbir.

Having many ups and down, the film is finally hitting cinemas on 14th July 2017. Jagga Jasoos review by Taran Adarsh on Bollywood Hungama and IMDb Rating are here:-

Jagga Jasoos IMDb Rating: 7.3-star rating out of 10 stars

Next, Taran Adarsh claims that the film has a gripping story line and good content. He further adds stating that this musical adventure romantic drama revolves around an entertaining story line. Ranbir Kapoor playing as Jagga is on a quest to find his father who is missing from a long time. The people surrounding him intimate him about the car accident of his father. But he doesn’t believe in them and hence starts chasing to find his father. Further, he meets Katrina playing as a journalist. Most noteworthy, Jagga character played by Ranbir has the problem of stutters since birth and therefore sings in situations. As some places, it seems like having some moments of Barfi. Well, it is not an adaptation of any other story. It is recommended for sure with 2.0 rating.

Taran Adarsh on Bollywood Hungama:  Jagga, throughout the first half, is shown singing while conversing but stops doing it for most of the second half. The result: Jagga stammers heavily and needlessly and after a point, it tests viewers’ patience. All these goofs would have still been redundant if the finale had some punch. Shockingly, the film ends on an abrupt and laughable note. On the whole, JAGGA JASOOS is a badly written and very poorly executed musical. The film doesn’t offer any entertainment value for either children or adults. At the box office, the film will have a tough time.

Continued further, Jagga Jasoos early Reviews by Rajeev Masand. Seems entertaining, has potential to get good audiences in the weekend with good word of mouth. Movie songs are very quirky and different, a plus point to the film. Ranbir Kapoor is surely the soul of adventure romantic comedy.

Officially By Rajeev Masand: Anurag Basu’s Ambitious but exhausting musical.Much of what’s good in this film is lost in its many indulgences. I am going with 2 out of 5

Komal Nahta on Jagga Jasoos: Powerfully notifies and justifies the madness of talented actors Ranbir and Katrina Kaif. This gripping and entertaining venture will take you through an unreal and unparalleled journey. 3.0 stars rating for Jagga.

Officially By Komal Nahta: On the whole, Jagga Jasoos is a very costly experiment and a classic case of over-indulgence in a film which hardly has an audience to lap it up. It is a terrible waste of resources and it should never have been made in the first place – at least and definitely not at the cost at which it has been made. At the box-office, the film will prove to be a major debacle and will be remembered as a blot on the reputations of all the people connected with it.

KRK Review for Jagga Jasoos (Not ): Tweets: Actor-producer Ranbir Kapoor is not releasing #JaggaJasoos in Dubai on Thursday to avoid my early review. So will you watch it in theatre? Producers are not releasing #JaggaJasoos on Thursday like all other films so that I can’t watch it to give a review on Thursday. KRK Ki Dahshat. Watch video for KRK Reviews on Youtube

Jagga Jasoos Audience Reviews and Response

Rahul: Amazing, I like the movie very much in the preview shows.

Sneha: Has done a great job with the selection of the music and singers like Arijit, Amit Mishra.

Priya Gaikwad333: It’s all different kinda looking movie.

Debhu59: This-couple-is-always-awesome

Harmendrakumar07: the Great job was done by the director of Jagga-Jasoos. A gripping story with lots of entertainment factor.

Lawrence’s Beyond‏: A young detective sets out to look for his missing father. Found entertaining. Ranbir finally after ADHM, love you Ranbir.

Avinash: Jagga starrer is a Fancy Disney Drama, like the movie. IT has quite amazing songs and the story was good.

Hence, it is having a good start and can bring a huge response in a weekend.


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