Himesh Reshammiya Files a Divorce at Bandra, Seperates from Wife after 22 years of Marriage

Himesh Reshammiya Files a Divorce at the Bandra family court on Tuesday. He decides to get seperated from wife after 22 years of happy married life. The popular music composer who is known for composing excellent music have decided to stay alone leaving his wife.

Himesh Reshammiya Files a Divorce, Separates from Wife after 22 years of Marriage 

According to internal sources, the couple have no more feelings for each other and decided to party ways mutually. Himesh and his wife Komal are also seen staying separately from quite some time. Because of some serious disputes and some big internal fights they have decided to part away. He also adds to the daily site saying “Yet, Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family”

Himesh Reshammiya gives a statement to a leading daily that they have decided to get seperated mutually and even their family members respects their decision.

The couple has a son named “Swayam”. They have also decided to not fight for the custody of their son as they will be co-parenting their son.

It is rumoured that Himesh’s alleged affair with TV actress Sonia Kapoor is the reason behind this. As this affair related news, has previously made headlines in 2006.


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