Fan Worldwide & Overseas Box Office Collection Till Now

[1st Week Report] Fan Worldwide and overseas box office collection till now mints amazing profit figures claims Taran Adarsh. Shahrukh Khan Movie might not have gathered good income in India but have wooed audiences in overseas countries which took worldwide collections at good revenue numbers. Fan movie have successfully crossed worldwide income of Rs 150 crore in 1st week of release. On other side, SRK movie earned Rs 71.50 crore in 1st week as India’s collections.

Fan Worldwide & Overseas Box Office Collection Till Now

Fan movie performed below expectation in India and was unable to cross 100 crore as domestic collection. The performance of 2nd week will determine whether it will mark 100 crore or not. It requires 29.50 crore to surpass 100 crore mark in India whereas the International collections are far better in domestic income.

Let me share you all the detail information about collection in India, overseas and worldwide.

Fan India Collections

Day 1: Rs 19.20 Crore

Day 2: Rs 15.40 Crore

Day 3: Rs 17.75 Crore

Day 4: Rs 6.05 Crore

Day 5: Rs 5.75 Crore

Day 6: Rs 4.20 Crore

Day 7: 3.15 Crore with more than 20% decline

Fan total 1 Week: Rs 71.50 Crore [Net Profit]

[Total Gross Profit]: Rs 102.14 Crore

Fan Overseas Collections

United Arab Emirates / G.C.C: Rs 19.68 Crore

(USA and Canada) North America: Rs 11.26 Crore

United Kingdom: Rs 5.46 Crore

Australia: Rs 1.57 Crore

Germany: Rs 0.66 Crore

New Zealand: Rs 0.46 Crore

Malaysia: Rs 0.19 Crore

Rest of the World: Rs 11.72 Crore

Fan Overseas Country total Profit: Rs 51.48 Crore in total 1st week. The film earns best income in UAE-GCC [$ 2.953 million] and USA-Canada foreign country collecting $ 1.690 million.

Fan Worldwide Collections

Now, Fan worldwide box office collections mints a total gross income of Rs 153.14 crore adding India country gross profit Rs 102.14 Cr and overseas Rs 51.48 Cr.

The movie is produced in a total budget of Rs. 105 crore  where production cost is Rs 85 crore and Print & Publicity is Rs 20 cr. The movie has recovered it invested amount by collecting good profit in domestic and International country.

Note: This are official figures.