Fan Movie Live Audience Response & Update, Fans Top Tweets

Fan Movie Live Audience Response & Update, Top Tweets

Fan Movie Live Audience Response & their Fans update is awesome as public/ viewers are updating for Fan in every minute with new tweets on Twitter. Fans

Fan Movie Live Audience Response & Update, Top Tweets

  1. Shiva Satyam ‏@AsliShiva: #Fan is very outstanding & emotional film   with terrific performance by @iamsrk, “a must watched film “.My Ratings ****.
  2.  Sherlock Holmes ‏@sherloock Just watched #Fan .In1 word this is beyond awesome. Mind blowing acting by @iamsrk .1st half is more damn awesome, 2nd half is also same #FanReview
  3. Sharman Agarwal ‏@Sharman: Watched #Fan I was confused and disappointed. 2nd half was edited poorly climax wasn’t satisfying. @iamsrk sir please do some GOOD MOVIES! 🙁
  4. SHAH RUKH KHAN ‏@WeSupport_SRK: 100% positive reviews from those who have watched the film… #Fantomorrow #Fan
  5.  KING KHAN ‏@PieceOfGlasses: Watched #FAN.
  6. 5 Star from my side, great 1st half, couldn’t watch 2nd half till now
  7. Jabra Srk Fan ‏@Shahid_Shaandar: Honest review:- Watched #Fan today, first half average..2nd half ridiculous, absolutely nonsense, disappointed
  8. Just watched #fan after watch I realize srk is god of Indian cinema #fan is milestone for Indian cinema it will take bollywood at next level
  9. Just watched #fan omg omg omg what a movie what a acting @iamsrk u r god of acting sure shot clear winner 4.5 star
  10. Just watched #FAN ……goosebumps !!!! #srk srk srk u nailed it amazing film …@iamsrk ´s best
  11. Finally watched the show, it’s ok @mackenziebourg, I’m going to buy your album when it’s out. Don’t give up b/c I need youur music in my life #fan
  12. Watched some parts of @FanTheFilm at @yrf today, @iamsrk You thrills it and loved innocent Gaurav. Aryan is megastar. Maneesh’s magic.
  13. KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan: What a terrific n Zabardast film #FAN and what a great acting of @iamsrk! It’s Full of human emotions. My 4* to first half.
  14. Shanoo Sharma Verified account ‏@Shanoozeing  {Casting Directorof YRF movies}: Watched #Fan ❗️I am blown! I repeat anyone who forgot why they were an SRK fan will be…
  15. Wooooow… #FAN rating 9.4/10 🙂 🙂 @SRKUniverse @iamsrk Congratulations to everyone 🙂
  16. Ruchi Bhatia ‏@SRKsJabriFan : @iamsrk playing Aryan & Gaurav was magnificent. The twists & turns along with VFX effects made the movie #FAN a must watch!❤️
  17. #Fan what a amazing performance by my idol @iamsrk, thank you. We want same kind of movie from u. Amazing movie
  18. My frnd jst saw #Fan, he told me film is amazing, he is going again tomorrow. 1st & 2nd half both amazing. Sir @iamsrk best movie till date
  19. @FanTheFilm The Climax Of #FAN is So Honest n Real that every #FAN will connect to it n will make u emotional a bit.

Fan Movie Live Audience Tweet Update

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