Direct Ishq, Ishq Forever, BHK Bhalla@Hall.Kom Box office Collection Till Now

Direct Ishq vs Ishq Forever and BHK [email protected] Box office Collection are extremely poor at cinema theatres as the movie released in less screens and were even not able to create good buzz through their reviews and story line. These movies basically go out of theatres soon without attracting much people at ticket windows.

Direct Ishq, Ishq Forever BHK [email protected] Box office Collection Till Now

As per, the official box office reports of these 3 films are shared.

Direct Ishq box office collection for opening day is not officially out but the movie 1st week income is shared which is extremely poor. The movie faces huge loss at box office and the invested amount 80% income is also not yet recovered.

Direct Ishq 1st week collection grosses an income of Rs 0.11 crore that only 11 lakhs in 7 days. POOR!!

Ishq Forever on the other side released on same day 19th February 2016, collected better than this but is poor in its business of total 7 days.

Ishq Forever box office collection for 1 week mints Rs 28 Lakhs as per Bollywood Hungama website.

BHK [email protected] collection accumulated 0.06 crore in first week which is less than even this films and till now it had grossed Rs 0.07 crores.

These film stands with poor verdict an stays disaster at cinema counters.