Dangal Movie First Look includes Aamir Khan as Indian wrestler Mahaveer Phogat. Superstar has revealed the movie poster where he is seen showing muscular look for his upcoming film “Dangal” which has blown everyone’s mind. He is extremely near to perfection with his body once again.

Amir Khan’s Movie Dangal First Look/ Poster as Indian wrestler Mahaveer Phogat

He is playing a role of young wrestler of India named Mahaveer Phogat. He uses a unique platform to release the first poster of Dangal ‘Digital Platform’.

He is seen wearing a black ganji [vest] with an angry look on face. He is seen with better body cuts than his last movie “Ghajini”. As you can look in the image his has broad shoulders, toned arms and broad shape chest. He has lift a great amount of weight in his hand with almost around 20-25 kgs dumbells showing his brilliant strength.

Dangal Movie First Look- Aamir Khan as Indian wrestler Mahaveer Phogat

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