Dangal Made 555 CR Gross Worldwide Collection at Box Office including India and International market income

Dangal Crosses 555 Crore Gross Worldwide Collection at Box Office including India and International market income

Finally Dangal crosses 555 crores gross worldwide collection at Box Office counters adding India and International income together. Movie starring Aamir Khan has not only broke many records but has set his new level in film industry. He is the only actor who make Bollywood proud with his each movie releasing at theatres.

As per Aamir Khan’s Dangal 12 Days collections in India, it made more than 295.14 crores as net. domestic income while coming on to International business it gathered ₹ 154.81 crores from overseas which is contributed from various overseas countries like USA, UK, Canada, G.C.C. etc.

Now calculating the whole income, Gross Dangal worldwide collection has marked more than Rs 555 crores approx. The official report states that Dangal made 537.00 Cr total worldwide gross until 11 days while adding today’s income of India and outside it stood at exact gross number of 561.51 Cr in 12 days.

It has set a new benchmark in outside country Australia making itself at top first position in highest grossing Indian film in this following region earning A$ 2.22 million until 2nd Tuesday.

It has also becomes the fourth highest all time grosser of Bollywood Movies. Not only this, a record which you might have not noticed is, this fantastic film has made more than Rs. 20 crores everyday in opening seven days of its release. Comparing this record with Bollywood films, there is no other movie that have earned more than 20 crores continuously in opening week.

This is the 7 Days Break Up income list: Made 29.78 Cr on Day 1, 34.82 Cr on Day 2, 42.41 Cr on Day 3, 25.69 Cr on Day 4, 23.09 Cr on Day 5, 21.46 Cr on Day 6 and 20.29 Cr on Day 7.

Isn’t its amazing to see such a box office performance which is never seen in Bollywood so far.

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