Budhia Singh Movie Trailer Review & Rating states it really Motivatioanl & Inspirational, Starring Manoj Bajpayee

Budhia Singh Movie Trailer Review & Rating for this Inspirational Story is extremely positive for sure gripping audience attention. The film led by Manoj Bajpayee playing a coach “Birachi Das” whereas Budhia Singh is played by Mayur Patole. The movie is really inspiring as the way youngest marathoner has made all its way to success is a biggest achievement and motivation for others.

Budhia Singh Movie Trailer Review & Rating: Inspirational Story

Budhia Singh ran total 48 marathons when he was only 5 year old. The movie made under the direction of Director Soumendra Padhi has auditioned around 1200 kids for this title role of “Budhia Singh”

Let’s go through the Budhia Singh Movie Trailer and share our analysis on this preview clip and let see whether the audience have liked the trailer or not?

Manoj Bajpai is playing as coach of this youngest marathoner in the film where he is seen convincing the character completely. The story of the film is an inspiration to all of us.

Budhia Singh story line revolves around a child who escapes from his evil caretaker. He ran away from him after getting frustrated form this life. The child running from the house ends up meeting Manoj Vajpayee where he decides to make him a champion in marathon field. He thinks “Our Country has never produced a single marathon player and this dream will be fulfilled by Budhia”. But after making some success the politics gets involved in it and how these people make it happen worst. The media and everyone question regarding this small kid childhood is snatch by this coach to just make his dream complete. The coach is then claimed as he is criminal because he has scammed 1.4 million rupees from Trust Fund.The politics taking illegal action take dope test of this kid but still he manage to make his dream compelte after all this hurdles”

The trailer ends with an inspirational dialogue and scene “Jitna Jyada Rokoge, Utna Jyada Daudunga”. The child is said to “Born to Run” and gives a message to never give up.

The start of the trailer is really inspiring as the initial seconds of the clip itself increase the interest of the audiences. The film till half of the trailer looks very interesting.

The movie also has some comedy factor where actor when asked about what he did these long days “Haga aur bhaga” really makes us laugh out loud. The simple and motivating character wins the audience hearts where he not only sets a benchmark but also inspire many of us.

The movie till the end of the clip keeps us surprising and most important thing is it is able to grip audience attention till the end.

The trailer has created a huge buzz with its extremely powerful story line and screen writing.

It has all elements what a movie needs to make it successful. The film will definitely be able to grab audience attention at seats for sure as per current response from critics and public.

Will go with 4.5 star rating of 5 stars.

Audience response and review on Trailer of Budhia Singh

Awesome trailer..High class acting & direction

Awsum Trailer..!  Proud moment..!.

Who Disliked this? moron…Inspirational movie…liked it..

Exciting trailer, going to watch the movie

I feel this will work. Manoj will pull off and so is the power in the script

This is motivate me 🙂

Look’s very promising. This kid has already taken the level of commitment into different heights. Best wishes to team.

Awesome…Keep it up team…Good Work…Waiting for the movie to release 🙂

Fantastic clip..everybody should watch out this one.

Long time later I see a trailer where there is respect for audience –  we will not treat you stupidly (are u listening Aashutosh?) Trailer cutting is so amazing that even it gives you whole story you are excited to watch movie in theater.  I just hope the Director must be as passionate as me and wishing that he capture the magic in this film as slumdog did and hope this film go for Oscar.

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Budhia Singh Trailer Review
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“Extremely motivating and inspiring story. Definitely grabs audience attention, gripping plot, good direction, motivational dialogues makes the movie receive 4.5 star rating”

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