Box Office: Dear Zindagi Economics, ROI & 19 Days Collection

Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi reached at a Box Office run of 19 Days. The whole country is going through the cash crisis. Despite the fact, Bollywood film Dear Zindagi is not really affected by it as the box-office performance of the movie stays impressive.

Alia Bhatt & Shahrukh Khan starrer Dear Zindagi is still on a glorious run. The film has made a constant revenue even in the 3rd weekend and it’s a notable achievement.

This movie has brought a total domestic business of 2.95 crores in a 3rd weekend while income till yesterday marks at a net profit of Rs 65.01 crores.

While coming on to 19th Day Collection of Dear Zindagi it made 41 lacs approx. on 3rd Tuesday bringing its grand domestic business at Rs 65.42 crores approx.

It is made in a total budget of Rs 35 crores

Official Box Office Income revealed til 17 days are:-

Worldwide Gross: 132.81 Cr, Overseas: 41.10 Cr, Domestic net: 64.44 Cr, Domestic Gross: 89.50 Cr

Economics Of Dear Zindagi

Production Cost – 22.00 Cr.

Marketing Cost– 11.00 Cr.


A} India Theatrical Right Sold – 32.00 Cr

Overseas Theatrical Rights – 27.45 Cr.

B} Distributor’s share from overseas – 12.35 Cr. (Approximately)

C} Music, In film Placement, Digital and Ancillary right– 12.00 Cr. (Approximately)

D} Satellite Rights – 22.00 Cr.


PROFIT45.35 Cr.



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