Beiimaan Love Trailer Review- Sunny Leone is bold but Story plot seems cold

Beiman/  Beiimaan Love Trailer Review & Rating states that Sunny Leone looking extremely hot and bold but story plot seems cold as it is not impressive as per the trailer video. Review comes out stating “Beiimaan Love story line revolves around current era’s independent and strong woman who deals with human relationships and values of life“. The audience reaction and response is cold on this movie trailer.

Beiimaan Love Trailer Review: Sunny Leone is bold but Story plot seems cold

The Audience Reactions which states Beiimaan Love Trailer Review:-

Sunny Leone firstly seen in The Hate Story movie, then One Night Stand and then this which looks same.

Many audience reacted saying that “Do something with matters than just showing off skin” or either “Do something which really needs to be made”

The film has same type of plot considering her other movies. Even Sunny Leone fails to give good performance as she is seen with lots pf loop holes in her acting skill.

The audience and critics have reacted negatively as the trailer seems uninteresting with monotonous character and story line. She is recommended to select a good script for a different movies instead doing such monotonous movies which has average script with intimate scenes like Hate Story series.

On the other side, if looking at her Bollywood career, she is making a bold move by playing role of a strong woman with vengeance.

But as per our critics opinion would like to say that “You all know why she is here and what suits her portfolio. So let’s not get too serious as do audiences because Sunny is not here to become an accomplished actor! She is here to perform and get some offers on TV shows and other entertainment related work which gives her good amount of money and respect which is use to not get in her previous field”

Here is Sunny Leone with her husband “Daniel Weber” and the film also showcases Rajneesh Duggal entitled with new movie “Beiimaan Love which goes with a rating of 2.5 average star” Watch its Trailer:-

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Beiimaan Love Trailer Review & Rating
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“Beiimaan Love story line revolves around current era’s independent and strong woman who deals with human relationships and values of life, but Sunny Leone looks bold whereas story plot seems cold”

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