Befikre Advance Booking Report: Book Ticket at BookMyShow

Befikre Advance Booking Report & Area Wise Ticket Status as per BookMyShow website shows that the movie tickets are getting booked on an above average level. Because of the issue of demonetisation, every one is making a cashless transaction which indirectly is helping the movie to get the ticket booked more on online site rather than ticket windows.

Befikre Advance Booking Report/ Status: Book Ticket at BookMyShow

Befikre Movie Online Advance Booking Starts on Book My Show website. The film starring Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor is all set to release on 9th December 2016 and the advance ticket booking have started on Wednesday.

As per the current scenario booking report of Befikre, a decent response from audience is seen at online sites.

It is set to release at good number of screen count in India and overseas as well. Made under the banner of Yash Raj Films, it is promoted well on a high scale as it was easily able to create good buzz from its First Ranveer-Vaani kissing look and even its trailer.

Having a bold content has attracted many youngsters in big cities but it will perform on a lesser level in small towns.

Anyways, Befikre is getting released on multi-screens which will definitely bring impressive box office number on opening day.

The advance booking of Befikre has already opened and is expected expected to receive around 50% of overall occupancy on the opening day.

Befikre Advance Booking Report Area Wise So Far [Specific regions]

Mumbai: 20-30% approx.

Delhi: 25-35% approx.

Jaipur: 15-20% approx.

Kolkatta: 22-28% approx.

Nizam: 12-17% approx.

Hyderabad: 14-21% approx.

Gujarat: 8-14% approx.

Tamil Nadu: 15-19% approx.

Haryana: 18-24% approx.

Steps of How to Book Befikre Tickets from Book My Show

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Movies” category
  3. On the left side, you will find search box
  4. Type “Befikre” and click on the result and book tickets
  5. Either select language Hindi and you will get the movie result
  6. You will get to see Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor movie poster
  7. Click on button “Book now”
  8. Select location and venue where you want the watch the flick
  9. Transact with debit or credit card
  10. You will receive message for successfully booking ticket.


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