Bahubali/Baahubali 2 Day Wise Collection in India and Worldwide Cross 1710 CR at Box Office (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam Versions) 

Baahubali 2 1st Day Worldwide Collection in all Languages, Friday Total Box Office in Telugu, Tamil & Hindi Version had a record-smashing opening day in India

First of all, talking about Worldwide Baahubali 2 Day Wise Collection, it has passed the gross business of 1710 [Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam] languages. It completes 49 days at the box office collecting 509.33 Crores Net/707.91 Crores Gross from Hindi Version in India. Whereas 1024.54 Crores Net/1367.73 Crores Gross from All Languages (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Versions).

Talking about records, it has broken Highest Grossing Indian Movie “Dangal Lifetime Collection” of 387.38 crores but Dangal Worldwide Collections after release in China country grossed over 1948 Crores till now (still running). Aamir Khan’s Dangal again grabs the top position in Highest Grossing Indian Film of All Time but after Baahubali 2: The Conclusion release in China, it will be back to its position as it is estimated to earn more than 1200 crores from China totaling 3000 crores as worldwide gross.

It has created magic at the box office with non-holiday release i.e. no Eid, no Independence Day, no Diwali and no Christmas.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Day Wise Breakup Of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam Languages

Yet, the film is still running at the box office, the lifetime collection of Baahubali 2 Will be updated soon are the profit numbers keeps increasing daily.

Bahubali/Baahubali 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection
DaysHindi VersionAll Versions
Day 1₹41.00₹121.00
Day 2₹40.50₹90.50
Day 3₹46.50₹91.50
Day 4₹40.25₹80.00
Day 5₹30.00₹58.00
Day 6₹26.00₹50.00
Day 7₹22.75₹43.00
Day 8₹19.75₹37.00
Day 9₹26.50₹50.00
Day 10₹34.50₹66.00
Day 11₹16.75₹31.00
Day 12₹15.75₹29.00
Day 13₹17.25₹30.00
Day 14₹12.75₹23.00
Day 15₹10.05₹18.50
Day 16₹14.75₹27.00
Day 17₹17.75₹32.50
Day 18₹07.95₹14.50
Day 19₹06.95₹13.00
Day 20₹06.25₹11.50
Day 21₹06.05₹11.00
Day 22₹04.15₹8.00
Day 23₹06.35₹11.50
Day 24₹07.80₹14.00
Day 25₹02.90₹5.75
Day 26₹02.80₹5.45
Day 27₹02.70₹5.20
Day 28₹02.70₹5.15
Day 29₹01.56₹3.25
Day 30₹02.25₹4.55
Day 31₹03.16₹6.20
Day 32₹01.34₹2.80
Day 33₹01.22₹2.55
Day 34₹01.20₹2.50
Day 35₹01.05₹2.25
Day 36₹0.72₹1.60
Day 37₹01.03₹2.20
Day 38₹01.35₹2.80
Day 39₹0.66₹1.45
Day 40₹0.60₹1.30
Day 41₹0.54₹1.15
Day 42₹0.45₹1.00
Day 43₹0.36*₹0.85*
Day 44₹0.72*₹1.14*
Day 45₹0.63*₹1.40*
Day 46₹0.32*₹0.75*
Day 47₹0.29*₹0.67*
Day 48₹0.26*₹0.60
Day 49₹0.22*₹0.53*
Day 50NANA
Day 51NANA
India Nett.₹509.33 Cr₹1024.54 Cr
India Gross₹707.91 Cr₹1367.73 Cr
Overseas₹342.75 Cr
Worldwide Gross₹1710.48 Cr


NOTE: Shared Hindi version and All Version (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi Nett.) Day Wise Business.

Baahubali 2 Budget & Screen Counts

In addition to its release and investment, this Telugu movie dubbed in all languages has released at total screen counts of 6500 in India (Highest screen count of all time). While it is made with a total budget of 250 crores. As a result, the huge buzz and amazing visual led it to earn more than 8 times business of invested amount. In conclusion, it receives an “All Time Blockbuster film” verdict.

Therefore, Baahubali 2 in Hindi version, it grabbed 509.33 crores net. and 707.91 crores gross. Whereas, calculating all languages including Hindi and TTM, it collects 1024.54 crores net. and 1367.73 crores gross from 49 days run.

Baahubali 2 1st Day Business (All Languages)

  • India net: 121 crores Nett. profit
  • [First Indian movie to cross 100 crores net]
  • Hindi version: 50 Cr Gross/41 Cr Nett.
  • Telugu + Tamil + Malayalam: ₹ 80 Cr Nett.
  • Andhra & Telangana State: 58 Cr Gross/50 Cr Nett.
  • Karnataka: 19.50 Cr Gross/12 Cr Nett.
  • Tamil Nadu: 11 Cr Gross/14 Cr Nett.
  • Kerala: 5.50 Cr Gross/5 Cr Nett.

Therefore, the totals Business for Opening Day stands at the following profit.

  • India:144 Cr Gross/121 Cr Net
  • Overseas: 65+ CR
  • Worldwide Total 1st Day: 210 Cr Gross

As a result, considering Hindi version business it surpassed Sultan [₹ 36.54 cr], Dhoom 3 [36.22 crore], Dangal [₹ 29.78 cr], PK [27 crore], Kick [26.52 crore] opening day income while fails to cross Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year [₹ 44.00 Cr] nett. Opening day revenue.

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