Anushka Sharma New Look as Bride in “Sultan Movie Wedding Sequence”

Anushka Sharma new look as a bride in “Sultan Movie Wedding Sequence” has impressed all fans and many moviegoers. The wedding scene and Anushka looks from form Sultan new song “Sachi Muchi” also starring Salman Khan.

Anushka Sharma New Look as Bride in “Sultan Movie Wedding Sequence”

She is looking extremely beautiful in this wedding outfit wearing a traditional bridal ensemble of Haryana style. This is one of the most impressive look of the actress in the movie.

The outfit is a traditional handcrafted chikankari ensemble with bespoke technique of zardozi, including elements of naqshi, kundan, dabka and gota. This outfit is said to be a one of the collection of Diva’ni’s ‘Lafz’.

Anushka while shooting said in an interview that “I am pretty excited to play a wrestler and the character name as ‘Aarfa’ will be seen in traditional as well as sporty look but mostly I will be having scenes with sporty look”

Diva’ni team has designed this outfit which should be definitely appreciated as rendering delicate patterns in pristine white threads on fine mulls and muslin is not an easy job.

Have a look here Anushka Sharma in wedding outfit from “Sultan Movie Still”

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